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  1. Hello all and Merry Christmas.  Just me and the Missus so no need for a whole bird.

    And a good time was had by all.  Keep Smokin!

  2. smokinuk

    smokinuk Newbie

    OK, it was Thanksgiving not Christmas, but we got a couple of T-birds all crisped up in the WSM...

  3. Hello.  Good lookin birds.  You certainly win the photograph contest.  I should have checked my photos before eating as they were awful.  Keep Smokin!

  4. trebor

    trebor Newbie

    I got a smoker for Christmas so didn't get chance to smoke the Turkey but did this Ham on Boxing Day.  Tasted pretty good!

  5. Hello Paul.  GREAT looking ham.  We need more info.  Where did you find that and what did you do to it?  Start a thread and share the knowledge.  [​IMG]   Welcome.  Keep Smokin!

  6. trebor

    trebor Newbie

    It was actually just a shop bought ham which my parents had got for Christmas (I'll go the butchers from now on).  I put on a rub of light brown sugar, funnel seeds, dried sage and garlic cloves.  Bring a complete amateur I could only get the smoker up to 190 degrees for the first few hours smoking it with apple wood, then for the final couple of hours it went up to 220....more luck than judgement that it turned out ok I think!

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