I will try again to ask why people say they can't smoke in cold weather with the MES

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  1. I have read many, many emails and net comments about my Masterbuilt 30" smoker that I was afraid I would not be able to fast smoke, slow smoke, or even cook on it when it was below 30 degrees F.  So I went rube goldberg with a insulating idea.  I used space blankets.  The plastic blankets have a melting point of 345 F and my smoker never gets that hot.  I used aluminized tape to tape each side individually with a heat reflective blanket and left the smoke roound door open and the vent open.  I have about 80 percent of the smoker "reflecting heat back to the unit" so to speak.  I started the smoker at 12:15 today and it got to 250 in 15 minutes.  The outside temperature is 18F with a slight wind on my back screened in porch.

    I have a cold smoke attachment so I filled it with chips and put in a 5 lb. chicken, and a rack of Louisana style pork ribs.   It is now 4:45 pm and the ribs are looking great and the chicken is up to about 155 internal temp.  (I checked it with a separate meat thermometer).

    The MBS heat probe is not accurate as far as I can figure out.  Master build internal says 166 but I do not believe it.  Perhaps I did not have to "insulate" my smoker but it is performing beautifully at 18F and is mainting temperature just fine.  Love it so far.  I am using beer in the water tray and apple and cherry wood chips.   
  2. It all sounds good. One tip. Next time drink the beer and put sand in the water pan covered with foil.

    Happy smoken.

  3. moses

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    I need a visual. Upload some pics man.
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    I smoke with mine all winter long in a none heated farm garage.

    No insulation.
  5. moses

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    I'm with you cfarmer, never had any issues.
  6. Ok Moses here is my second try to give you some pictures.  I am loving this thing it is 11F out right now and I am smoking venison salami and it is doing great.  Here goes for the pictures.  I have been smoking for 15-20 years and on this computer for about two years.    
  7. moses

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    Looks like you've got it going on man.
  8.  The only issue with the MES30 and cold weather that I am aware of is that on some models the control unit won't operate if it gets too cold. People sometimes have to take the unit inside or heat the cabinet with a hair dryer or something to get it working. There are lots of threads on the subject. Do a search.

     Once it turns on I think it stays working.



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