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  1. Howdy, y'all!  Displaced Texan, currently living in WI.  Been playing with barbecue for decades:  worked my way through college in a Texas Q joint.  Every day grill is Royal Oak charcoal, and smoker is old, heavy duty New Braunfels Black Diamond:  before they cheapened it and sold out to Char-Broil.

    Signature meats are brisket, whole pork loin stuffed with apple & Gouda sausage, and beef/pork ribs (no baby backs here).  Looking for charcoal tray for Royal Oak grill:  apparently those are no longer in production, and hard to locate.  Any info is appreciated.
  2. Welcome to SMF!

    Wow. Texas to Wisconsin. Other than a massive population of bovine critters, there's not much comparison...especially December thru March.
  3. No doubt.  Winter here is like Houston summer--just at the opposite end of the thermometer.  First WI barbecue experience were ribs:  took one bite and called the waitress over to inquire how they were prepared.  She proudly stated that the rack was boiled for about an hour, then in the oven at 350, doused in Kraft sauce.

    I then asked for a cheeseburger instead....
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Glad to have you with us!

  5. Hey Displaced, maybe you can find your way home

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  6. No doubt, Gary. Although a Waco guy opened up a joint a couple of years ago, so at least there's that option when-10 degrees sets in....

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