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    I can't believe I just stumbled on this section as I've been getting Jeff's recipes and emails for years.  I've been smoking foods for over 40 years but I have only been using a pellet smoker for a year.  I have a traeger texas grill which I like but I've had to do some mods to it to get it where I want it to be.  I'll be adding a new temp controller (PID) shortly as I don't like the Ortech knock off that is on my smoker.

    I use BBQ delight pellets or the Academy rebranded name of B& B cooking pellets.  I got rid of my traeger pellets 8 months ago when I I noticed the smoke flavor wasn't getting to the meat enough.  I even bought a smoke daddy smoke generator to ramp up the smoke but I don't have to use it near as often now that I switched pellets.  

    I also have a converted natural gas smoker that I don't use much any more.

    I live in Edmond OK and I am a big OU fan. 

    Anyway, I look forward to the discussions on this board.  
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    Welcome to the group from another Oklahoman!  I live in the Tulsa area, and I burn a lot of those B&B pellets too.  Good pellets, and a lot cheaper than ordering the premium brands and paying to have them shipped.

  3. okie52

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    Thanks Red.

    I see you are a Rec tec owner...wish I would have made that choice a year ago.  I like my traeger Texas but the temp controller is poor so I guess I'll be getting a Blazn grill PID to retrofit it.  As a Sooner fan I wouldn't mind that bright red smoker...either.
  4. seenred

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    Yeah that red color is perfect for Sooner fans! But hey, don't sell that Traegef short...those rigs have put out lots of good grub over the years. And with a PID upgrade, it'll be even better.


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