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  1. This year we plan to smoke just the turkey breast and 10 or 12 turkey legs. When smoking a whole turkey, I can understand the amount of time that should be planned to smoke. But when smoking a breast and a bunch of legs, do I add all the weight up. For example, 8 pound breast and 10 pounds of legs, do I plan for the same as a 18 pound turkey? Or do I plan for just the breast and just check the temps of all parts.

    The reason I am asking is I want to make sure I have plenty of time to do the smoking before the Thanksgiving meal.

    One more question, how do I handle the turkey after smoking to keep the skin from wrinkling?

    I normally wrap the turkey in foil after it is done, then wrap in a clean towel and place in a clean cooler for two or three hours.
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    jiju1943 , hello and Happy Holidays.

    Parts are different from a whole , and time is not a factor. You should have a good 'Probe Therm.'  , and take the Breast up to 165*F deep in the Meat without touching the bone. The Thighs and Legs go to 170*F. If you don't have a 'probe' , check out Bass Pro , Cabella's , or even Wally World . Temp. is a must to save getting sick.

    Now, even if you have top of the line therms. , check the Calibration to make sure...

    Yes , you can wrap the Turkey . But the skin will winkle unless you cook at higher temps. and basting as it goes . All this is

    time consuming and  if you're Smoking pieces don't loo for very pretty . May be possible but I have never done a pic

    perfect , but I'm looking to flavor. I usually toss the skin or use it in soup...

    Happy Holidays and as usual  . . .
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  3. Thanks Oldschool, and happy holidays to you also. I have a Cooper‑Atkins  probe which is pretty accurate, I check it ever so often to make sure it is right on. I also have a remote thermometer which is pretty accurate also. 

    I am not really looking for pretty as much as I am taste also. Basically what I need is a ballpark time, I will for sure be checking the temps closely, I am a stickler about temps. To be on the safe side I will smoke on Wednesday to be sure to have it ready, I like cold turkey much better than warm.

    Thanks again.

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