How far in advance can I put on dry rub?

Discussion in 'Meat Selection and Processing' started by festismcgee, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. festismcgee

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    I've got time tonight to rub a brisket I'll smoke on Saturday.  I typically put on rub 36-48 hours before smoking, but this would be more like 72.  I've heard some suggestions that this is ok as long as my rub isn't salt-heavy.  I use a variation of the Thrill of the Grill rub recipe, just changing it by doubling the brown sugar and throwing in a little extra cayenne.  Salt stays the same and I think is about 1/10th or 1/12th of the rub.  Also, I don't brine.

    Any suggestions on whether rubbing is ok 72 hours before smoking?  Thanks!
  2. mdboatbum

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    As long as everything is kept cold and handled properly, there shouldn't be a problem. With chicken and pork, you might run the risk of partially curing the meat with high salt rubs, but yours doesn't sound too salty and I don't think that is as big a worry with beef.
  3. rexster314

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    Just make sure you don't have any meat tenderizer in the rub. It'll make the top layer of meat mushy.
  4. festismcgee

    festismcgee Newbie

    Nope, I'll leave that to the fat layer and the connective tissue in the brisket.
  5. chef jimmyj

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    Contrary to popular belief salt only pulls moisture out in the short term. Yes salt a hunk of steak and in 15 minutes there will be a pool of juices rising to the top...BUT...Let that meat rest an hour or more and the juices and salt will be absorbed by the meat adding flavor and helping to tenderize the meat. Try a search for Dry Brining Beef, or any meat for that matter, there are plenty of advocates. Bottom line, when applying rub, minutes, hours or days it is a personal preference and longer is better...JJ
  6. festismcgee

    festismcgee Newbie

    Very good info.  Thank you and I'll look into the Dry Brining.  I've gotten my briskits to taste pretty good without brining by just experimenting with different wood mixes and tweaking the rub, but I'm always looking for better ways to do things.

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