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    Hi Everyone,

    First post, but I've been lurking here a bit.  I recently decided to make a back yard bbq pit and purchased a sheet of 3/4 - 13 expanded metal.  I specifically asked for non-galvanized carbon steel, and was told thats what I got.  When I got it home and started cleaning it, it looks galvanized to me... Is there any sure fire way to tell?  Overall I'm suspicious from the lack of rust (just a couple of small spots) and the "shiner" color.  I tried applying a wet paper towel soaked in salt water overnight and only found small drops of rust here and there, not under the entire paper towel.  I also tried heating it red hot with my torch in places, but I didn't notice any white ashy substance on the top layer... Any other thoughts on ways to test?  Thanks in advance.
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  3. no ashy= non galvanized


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