High Temp havy duty flag quick disconnects for MES

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  1. Lots of links in the threads for 12 ga. wiring but I have not found a source for heavy duty high temp flags. I did find high temp flags online but none of them heavy duty except for manufacturer sites.

    Note in the comments in the amazon link that many of these high temp terminals are still thin and at least one commentor went to a oil drilling business to find heavy duty high temp ones. As many of us who have seen the melted terminals first hand, heavy duty seems the direction to lean towards beyond just installing high temp terminals.

    apparently there are two grades of high temp flags.

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    This is the exact model number and guage wire quick disconnects I ordered on Amazon. When they arrived they weren't fold over the wire tabs. They were nickle plated steel barrels the wire slides into to be soldered. They are not crimpable. They weight much more than the oem that came with the Mes.They'll do just fine.

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  3. Good. I was wondering after reading the comments from the 1-star comment. I prefer to solder anyway.



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