High Heat and Charcoal Pref?

Discussion in 'Mini-WSM' started by radioyaz, Sep 16, 2014.

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    I started this thread in a group but wanted as many mini users to give feedback as possible. I am sure there are other threads too...just haven't sifted through them all....YET.

    I have seen some posts/qviews with mini users talking about High Heat (above 300 +).

    My mini holds 250 perfectly for about 5 hours. If it dips, I can stir up the coals and keep it going at 250 for about 6 - 7 hours with a single batch of coals.It is really efficient.

    Any suggestions on getting a higher temp without cutting out the bottom, which is something I can't do.I didn't have the tools to cut out the bottom of my steamer pot for my mini build. I had to go with drilled holes.

    Now for Charcoal?

    I have tried both Kingsford and Stubb's charcoal and found that Stubb's last longer and produces less ash which is good for my mini since I have bottom vents with an metal ash cover (it's an original smokey joe from the 1980's, basically a silver...and is working great).

    I guess it is all about personal preference, I am just curious about others and results people have had?

    briquets vs. lump?

    whatcha think?

  2. dirtsailor2003

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    If you add side vents you can get higher temps and a more efficient burn. I'd find a way to cut out the bottom of your pot. Heck drill a bunch of holes side by side all around to cut the bottom out.

    A charcoal basket will also help with efficiency and a cleaner burn.
  3. c farmer

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    You drill, right?

    Either buy or borrow some tin snips.

    That's all you need to cut the bottom out.

    With the bottom out you can over stuff the basket and get 10+ hours without messing with it.

    Anyway, for briqs I like Trader Joe's hardwood briqs.   Over 10 hours on my last butt cook.

    High temp cooking 300+ I use Humphrey's lump.
  4. radioyaz

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    Thanks, forgive the ignorance...I assume you mean side vents in the smokey joe base, yes? I am sure someone has done that mod on this forum with pics, I will dig around.
  5. radioyaz

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    Thanks. I might just try that or the holes around until it falls out method. I have a charcoal basket in the works this weekend.
  6. dirtsailor2003

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  7. radioyaz

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  8. dirtsailor2003

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    Another advantage to the side vents is you can light one side or both sides. I have (2) 3/4" vents one on each side, both with valves.  I typically load the basket, then light one side with the torch. Torch stays on and in the vent for 2-5 mins. The smoker will be up to cooking temp in less than 10 minutes using this method.

    For fuel I use kingsford blue, or 365 brand lump. For longer cooks I always use the briquettes as they load more uniformly and you can get them to burn longer. My longest cook to date was this year. With the charcoal basket over loaded with kingsford blue I was able to run at 265° for almost 14 hours. Of course all the conditions were ideal for that, no wind, 85° outside, did have about an hour of rain and hail during a thunderstorm.

    This thread documents that smoke. In the pictures there you can see how full the basket was loaded and how I Iit the fire:

  9. radioyaz

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    That is quite a rig...thanks for sharing that thread. That is impressive and made me very hungry!
  10. radioyaz

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