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    So my mother in law went and bought a ham for me to smoke for Thanksgiving. What she bought is a hickory smoked ready to cook/eat shank half. Stopped by the store on lunch to see what it was since i am at work. Directions state to cook for 15 per pound and it is already hickory smoked. So the following questions have come:

    Should i still use the apple wood i usually use or just smoke to reach temps for serving? I am going to use hardwood lump charcoal and applewood chunks for "flavoring" smoke.

    Does the 1 1/2 hour per pound still apply or can I shorten it some?

    Does anyone think it should be seasoned in anyway such as rub or baste before or during smoking?

    Thanx in advance
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    Here is a great thread to check out . Type  double smoked ham in the search bar.  This is near the top.

    Double Smoked Hams---Times 4 (Step by Step)

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