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  1. Hello everyone my name is Jim Gatewood I live in Macy Indiana.
    Been married for 37 years and have
    2 kids and 2 beautiful granddaughters. I was a federal
    Meat inspector for 37 years. I retired in 2013 for medical reasons. I worked in all kinds of meat processing plants.

    The most interesting plant was one that produced Charcuterie
    Products,. Such as Lomo, bresaola,
    Pancetta, prosciutto, Lardo. and many other dried and fermented products.

    I have a 32" Smokey mountain electric smoker and love it so far. Today I smoked dried cured bacon and turned out fantastic. I have a five pound belly in the fridge curing for pancetta.

    I don't have a dry room yet so I'm going to do the UMai dry bag way.
    I am going to produce all products above. In addition pepper loaf, mortadella, pastrami and other good stuff. I will post some pictures of my pancetta all tied up tomorrow. I hope this post is formatted properly Im using my phone. Looking forward gaining a lot of knowledge, and I will share my experiences.

  2. joe black

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    Welcome from SC, Jim. It's good to have you on the site. I'm waiting to see some pics of your smokin'.

    Good luck, Joe
  3. schlotz

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    Welcome fellow Hoosier!  Glad you are on board.


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