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  1. While this will be my first post and introduction , ive lurked through this site for years ...My name is Brad and i live in Benicia Ca ...Living in Northern Calif allows us to grill and smoke year round and i love living here , having grown up in the Bay Area I feel very fortunate... A little backround on me , my first grill was a habachi that served me well in my college years in the late 70s...I graduated to a weber kettle and have had many  since ...Ive never strayed , still on a kettle that i use constantly for smoking and a top of the line weber Summit gas grill ...I just ordered a Weber Smoky Mountain 22" because of  the limitations of my kettle... So since I will now have an "official" smoker , ive decided to formally make my presence known...I usually smoke at least once a week , and today finds a a rack of short ribs going ...So hi to all, and thank you for some great info over the years !!!!!!   Brad
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    Brad welcome to SMF glad you joined us. Congrats on the new WSM. Have fun and happy smoking
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