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  1. You guys have a great site.  I've learned so much just reading here, and don't even have a smoker yet!   Living in eastern NC I've cooked lots of pigs with charcoal & lp, but not much in the way of wood smoking.  But the first time I threw some wood chips on my charcoal grill.... wow that smell is just awesome!  I can see why smoking can be a bit addictive.  I love ribs and sausage, but just can't get the ribs tender enough on the grill (boiling them or in the oven is just not manly enough), and can't get enough smoke flavor into the sausage before it's done.

    Anyway, I was thinking of buying a GOSM from Walmart, but was researching on here first.  Then I came across your forum on builds... that was a mistake.  Being a jack of many trades (but a master of none), I can't stand to pay money for something that I can build better and most likely cheaper.  I was initially thinking of a UDS, then a wooden smokehouse... then while at work I came across a stainless steel traffic signal control box destined for the scrap heap.  I found on here that someone else had done this same build... so it looks like I may head in that direction.

    Anyway, again great site, thanks, and I look forward to talking with yall!   
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  3. [​IMG] What Joe said. Glad to have you.
  4. Welcome to SMF....[​IMG]
  5. Hello and welcome to SMF!
  6. Welcome to SMF!
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    Welcome aboard SmoknDad. Looking forward to seeing your Traffic Signal Box Smoker build. I'm sure it'll be interesting.
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    Hello and [​IMG]to SMF - sounds like you will be a great addition to the forum
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    Welcome to SMF it's nice to have you. Lots to learn here and great people as well.
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    [​IMG]  to SMF . You have come to the right place for smoking info. This site is loaded with great info just use the search bar at top of page to find what you are looking for. If you can't locate the answer just ask folks here are willing to share there knowledge. I suggest you take  the 5 day e-course on smoking its chuck full of great info. Smoking  5-Day e-Course  

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