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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by synderblock, Apr 16, 2016.

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    Roll call post. Been visiting the site for about 9 months, decided to officially sign up. I got my first smoker (MB dual fuel 2 door) last fall. I'm in the Pacific NW and don't have a permanent location (cover) for my smoker, so I used it for only a few months before the rains forced me to store it. Broke it out 3 weekends ago, used it every week since. Gorgeous weather today, decided to do my first corned beef pastrami (posted it over in the Beef forum, pics included!) I also did the needle valve mod this weekend as I've struggled to get my MB under 250, thanks to all the members who have contributed to that solution in the past. Smoke on!
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  2. Welcome to the site, hope that needle valve mod is working out for you.  I start out on propane but moved onto charcoal just cause I like playin with fire.  How about sending some of that nice weather on up my way, Good luck and good smokin.
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    Welcome to the group!  Happy smoking.  I'm gonna head to the beef section to check on that pastrami!

  4. synderblock

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    It worked, but I need to "redo" it. I got the Bayou Classic valve that has been noted on here, and I opted to attach it just off the smoker instead of off the regulator - I was in a rush and went to the local hardware store instead of the gas store. Had to buy 4 additional parts to get it in line, and it's too long (had to raise my smoker up to accommodate the length). It should only take 2 parts I think/hope.

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