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  1. Where to even begin...

    I just joined the forum with the intent to get some great feedback and help on buying or building a new smoker. In the last year my interest has moved from eating BBQ to making it. I have grilled for several years and feel like I know my way around that way of cooking pretty well. The only experience I have smoking meat is having set up my charcoal grill using the indirect 2-zone method, with a water/drip pan, and a foil shield between the fire and cooking area.

    I need help in determining which way to go for a budget friendly charcoal smoker that offers consistent temp control and ease of use. I've researched some, and it appears that when operating on a lower budget, the better choices are vertical smokers. I love the idea of the UDS system like Big Poppa's kit for about $150. I'm not opposed to spending some time assembling one.

    I'd love some feedback from some seasoned BBQ vets on what route to take and most budget friendly options.
  2. You can build a UDS from scratch for less than that. Take a look at the UDS section. Also take a look at the Weber mini builds. You didn't say what your price range is.

    Happy smoken.

  3. Sorry about that, $100-200 is my range
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    Then the UDS would be a great Smoker for you,,, I see them for sale everywhere for about $150. You wouldn't have to do the work and you get a very good Smoker. [​IMG]

    A good thing about the Barrel is you can move it easily for storage and out of the weather. [​IMG]

    Have fun and I hope you get what you need...

    Happy T-day and . . .
  5. Where is the best place to look for a UDS for sale that would already be assembled?
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    I've seen them in Craig's List. There are some online , but a bit more...Check the on line stores. They are out there and they are considered great, if a bit more , bite the Bullet and grab one. You cannot go wrong...

    Have fun and truly hope you find one...

    Be good and . . .

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