HELP!!! 5 pound brisket flat and 5 pound brisket point. Cooking time HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by smokin ts bbq, May 29, 2016.

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    So I had an 11 pound packer. I cut the flat from the point so I can try out a new rub and use my standard rub. After trimming. Each part weighs roughly 5 pounds. (I never done it this way before)

    I will be smoking on a MES 40 on pecan and cherry wood. I plan on having it done for 6pm tomorrow evening. I will have my smoker fully loaded with the briskets. 3 racks of ribs. abt's. And some chicken legs.

    So my question is. What time do I need to get the briskets on in order to have them cooked and rested for 6pm at 250°F
  2. WOW.  I am not sure why you separated flat and point.  The purpose is the point keeps the flat moist; but ok.  How long in your Mes when you will be adding extras?  I would allow 12 hours and HOPE for the best.  As you will be opening and closing it to add things and check their cooking I'd say longer.  Keep Smokin!

  3. smokin ts bbq

    smokin ts bbq Fire Starter

    I separated them to be able to try 2 different rubs. I kept plenty of fat on the flat to help keep it moist. I cooked many flats before and had no problems without the point being attatched.

    Anyhow. I plan on adding the ribs at about noon. Chicken about 2 OR 3 with the ABT's. I was also plan on wrapping the brisket when I add the temp hits 150 and let it ride till 200.
  4. Hello.  OK.  But the flat and the point are very different.  You can't judge the point on experience with flats.  I know you see I am in England, what tha **ll do I know?  I have only been here about 18 yrs..  I am from Texas.  Got have a little experience cooking brisket.  I would not take the flat to 200.  It would probably dry out.  Maybe not if you didn't trim it to death.  The point should be 200-210 or will be tough as old boots. You need to render the fat.  Because you separated you are cooking two very different cuts of meat.  Not a bad thing but each must be dealt with on it's own terms.  All brisket also has it's own mind.  Each is different.  One 10 lb. brisket can take 8 hours and the other take 12 hours.  Keep Smokin!


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