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Discussion in 'Pork' started by kimo, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. I've just got volunteered for smoked ribs for christmas and I have never smoked anything . I have taken the 5 day course and purchased the rub and sauce recipes. I have a brand new Char-Broil smoker w/ side firebox(no mods) . I am going to use lump charcaol. I have to choices of wood hickory or mesquite. I building a wind block as suggested as it is cold here in Meridian, Id. I haven't cure my smoker yet. Should I use the lump charcoal for this or would (say matchlight)the other kind be ok to use. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm in the learning loop so please teach me.
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    now this is my opinion.......BUT NEVER EVER use matchlite.......your meat will taste like liter fluid............

    some like lump........burns hotter, but lasts less.........

    i use briquettes.......Royal Oak if you can find em......lasts longer........and with my setup, i can control it better.......but others will say will just have to try both, and see wich you like........

    mesquite is a STRONG flavored takes abit getting used to

    hickory is nice......but some, since you are using pork......use a combo of hickory and apple.......or hickory and cherry.......or a combo of all three.....depends on what you can get to using all this in your char broil.......others will have to answer that.......some should be along soon
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    Whats matchlight?, what part of a tree does it come from?

    Use a good rub and burn lump charcol, wood is my choice .
    many good rubs and sauce/glaze recipes here.
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    Hard to beat 3-2-1 for an easy start doing ribs. Just a guideline though, so you can adjust the times according to your taste. Remember this is for Spare Ribs. Baby Backs or Beef ribs will use a variation of the time.
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    You got some good advice above.

    Ribs can be tricky first time out. I would give a test run before Christmas Day, plus you get to eat the results [​IMG]
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    Welcome Kimo, that's a big undertaking.......mod's are important but can be done later, definetly want to season your pit, if you got Matchlite, use it for that, not for cooking.....[​IMG]
    If you have time, i'd definetly do a practice run, how many racks and what kind are you gonna smoke?
  8. I plan on doing 2 racks of spare ribs. I have a small smoker 2 racks is about all it will handle. I found some hickory lump chardoal at Lowes. Should I add some hickory chunks or is the charcoal a safer way to this time. I will do apractice run saturday. Thanks for the help.
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    You want the lump charcoal for the heat and the hickory chunks for the smoke, so use them both... Toss on a few chunks every once in a while to keep the smoke going, a light smoke is what your looking for.
    TOSS the Matchlight, I ruined some venison pepperoni with that crap a few years ago.
    Use a charcoal chimney to start the charcoal, lighter fluid is not needed.
  10. One more question, do you have to soak the wood or just put it on top of the charcoal. Is there a way to make a baffle on the firebox so that the heat speards evenly throughout the smoker. It's a Char-broil American Gourmet.
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    ahhh.......the good ol soak or not to soak.........

    i put mine in a small cast iron box that i bought to use on a gas grill.......that way, they never burst into can use a small coffee can also.......if its a painted can......make sure you burn off the paint.......most of the new ones now use a paper label......just peel it this way, you can put em in dry.......if you soak.....the chips will just steam till all the water is gone, THEN burst into flame.....

    as to your other have any pics of your smoker you can post, so we all have a idea of what you are werking with?


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