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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by kernel, Jun 16, 2014.

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    Hello from Wi.  My name is Jim.  I am retired and new to smoking, in fact, I have all I can handle cooking two eggs, over easy and toast in the morning.  My wife makes the coffee so I am ok on that.  I just purchased a Masterbuilt Model 20070910 Digital Smokehouse and i am looking forward to learning how to smoke.  I like to hunt and fish so I am looking for new ways to prepare ducks, geese, pheasants and venison.  


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    Welcome Jim!  Folks here will help you put that Masterbuilt to good use as you keep the wild game populations in check.  Just ask any question and you'll get more answers than you can use.  Watch out though, this smoking is addicting.  When game is out of season you might get a bit jumpy! 

    Have fun with your new toy.
  3. Hey there Jim.  [​IMG]

    Where in WI you from?  We are in the Twin Cities, so right near Hudson.
  4. Welcome Jim! Can't wait to see some of that game smoked up!

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    Welcome, glad ya joined us !
  6. Hey Jim! Smokin is a great way to spend your retirement. Have fun! Where in WI are you at? I'm just a bit south of Beloit in IL. :)
  7. Hey Jim, hello and welcome from east Texas. Watch out cooking those OE eggs on the smoker they fall through the grates !!!!!

    Gary S
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    Hi Jim, welcome to the happy madness of BBQ! :)

    Pit Happens!

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