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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by gdunn, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. Hi.. I'm G and I'm currently living in Rolla, MO.

    I have a job that basically takes me all over the country, but recently I was able to rent a house and buy my first grill since college.. Been using it a good bit (and it's a gas grill), and now I'm ready to up my game and begin to learn how to smoke. I can cook over charcoal. I'm looking to find a decent smoker/charcoal grill I can pick up at a reasonable price.

    I want to learn a few basics that way I can smoke food on Saturdays while watching college football and have leftovers for Sunday when my Saints are playing or my wife's Steelers are playing and we don't have to worry about going somewhere or throwing something together. Any pointers are much appreciated.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum, Great place to learn and share and a bunch of good people.

    Gary S
  3. Welcome to SMF I have had cheap smokers and I am leaning on going back to the old side fire box. Rather then the MES40

    Charcoal and Wood = Great smoke

    Have fun and enjoy what you make.

  4. What up G? Oh Lord, the possibilities are endless. I'd say get an electric smoker, which would not need constant attention, thus freeing you up to focus on the game. Combine that with a wireless meat temp probe and you can monitor it from inside the house. Any grilling you want to do, do it on the gas grill.

    Now, which electric smoker? Don't know. I have an ECB (El Cheapo Brinkman) that works great, but it is an early 80s' model and was modified to electric back then. It can get pretty hot with its other mods, and the temp is adjustable, But like all things cheap, it's cheap.

    I would go to the smokers & more section at the top of the page and look around. Amazon also has lots of reviews, but the ones here are more knowledgeable.

    If I was going to get a new smoker what would I get? Smokin-it Model #2.
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    Welcome from Canada, G.


    I have a Bradley Electric smoker and have had good success with it. I have also recently made WSM Mini which is an inexpensive product yu make yourself out of a Weber Smoky Joe barbecue and an aluminum tamale pot. 

    If you are looking to go cheap, the WSM Mini makes a good product and is inexpensive. If you want a little more and easy an electric smoker is a good choice. If you want to spend a lot, the options are huge!

  6. I've actually found a couple of Brinkmans or what ya'll call ECBs. Probably will end up purchasing one here in the next few days then doing my mods. I'll look around after I make my purchase and see what mods folks made before putting it together and smoking my first thing. I'll definitely look into the wireless thermometer, which if I mod a smoker just right, I can set it on my back deck and keep an eye there.

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