Hello from Michiana (Edwardsburg, MI)

Discussion in 'Michigan Members Group' started by harleydiva, Dec 31, 2013.

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    I am "down south" in Edwardsburg, MI, just a few miles from the Indiana line.  I picked up a Primo Kamado Round a couple months ago, and have been cooking like crazy out in the cold and snow ever since.  So far, I've smoked pork butts for pulled pork, cooked pizza, the Thanksgiving turkey, pork steaks, whole chickens.....and just finished curing and smoking a pork belly for homemade bacon.  

    Recently picked up a Maverick ET-733, and just got a BBQ Guru PartyQ automatic temperature controller, but had some problems with it, and they are sending me a new one this week (awesome customer service from those guys).  People who aren't familiar with Michigan weather and power outages asked me why I got the battery powered one first....lol.  Looking forward to trying a whole brisket once the new PartyQ arrives.  
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    Hello Harleydiva,  Sorry I missed you in roll call but Welcome to the forum and the Michigan group. 

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    Welcome from Canton!

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