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  1. Hey Folks.  My names Eric and I'm obviously brand new to the forum.  I've been getting into Smoking meats the past year or so but have been doing it only on my little Weber charcoal grill.  I started taking an interest when smoking fish for fish spread.  Over the past couple months I've done some chicken (cut 1/4's) with pretty good success too.  We entertain allot so I just stepped up (a bit) to a Char Griller Smoken Pro with the side fire box for more grill space to be able to feed a crew.  Got a pretty good deal on it and put it together today.  I think it came out pretty nice and plan to cure it and season it tomorrow.  

    I'm going to give it a trial run on Sunday with some Chicken just to get a feel for it.  Really looking forward to my first smoke on the new smoker!  I definitely have big plans for doing some butts and ribs in the coming weeks.  Going to be a big learning curve I know.  Anyways, just saying hello and thanks for having me. 
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    First off Gator..  let me start by saying hello and welcome. You might want to stop over at roll call and introduce your self there. Next I would suggest that you put what part of Fl. you are in (on your profile page so it will show with your post), The reason for this is to better help you with any questions you have. Your geographic area has a lot to do with smoking. Then you may want to use the handy dandy search tool at the top of the page and look for Mods to your particular smoker (same one I have).

        Now let me give you a link to a SMF Gathering for us Floridians. Check it out and If you are interested come on out. The best thing about it will be to come and learn some tips and techniques from the pros that put it together.  


            So enjoy the forums and remember to stop by roll call before you go any further. As always, don't forget your Q view when posting the results of your smokes.
  3. Thanks for the info!  I'll post this up in the Roll Call too.  Glad to meet you.
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    welcome     always love some more gators on the site  
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    [​IMG]    Glad to have you with us!
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