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  1. Hey all. I'm new to bbq and hoping to get some good advice on how to bbq right. I've given up my gas grill and have been using a Weber kettle grill with charcoal and wood pellets. I've turned out some pretty decent ribs and brisket but am wanting to get a better smoker with more room. I'm considering The Good One Marshal since you can grill and smoke. I have a budget up to $3000. Any advice is appreciated.

    I live in Chandler, Arizona and love the sun and good bbq!
  2. Wow. With a budget like that you should check into a Lang or Jambo.
  3. After looking at Lang and Jambo, I don't see an advantage over The Good One Marshall.

    If I'm missing something, please explain. I'm very green when it comes to different smokers and prod and cons of each.
  4. I'm not too familiar with The Good One Marshall. I can tell you that jambo and lang won a lot of professional bbq championships.
    The lang is a reverse flow smoker known for its super even heat distribution.
    The jambo has an insulated firebox so your smoke is not affected by rain, wind, cold, etc.
    This is it's just my humble opinion. You need to go by what you feel comfortable with. Read up on different models and make a sound, well informed decision. Good Luck.
  5. Good afternoon and welcome. Are you wanting a combo due to space, or just like the idea ?  you may consider a smoker and a grill  That way if the need arises you can grill and smoke at the same time, happens to me all the time.

    Gary S
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    Welcome, glad ya joined us !
  7. Thanks guys. Seems like I still to need compare a few more grills/smokers.

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