Heat loss-real life during a smoke BABY BACK RIBS (picture included)

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  1. During a conversation with Bear and Garry we talked about MES heat loss and recovery time. At the time I did not have hard facts. During a Baby Back smoke I wanted to document as best I could the recovery time of a gen 1 MES.This smoker is equipped with a Auber PID controller What this means is there is a trade off between heat recovery and steady temp. with the Auber there is no over shoot of temp but the recovery time is longer since it starts to reduce voltage as the smoker starts to hit the target temp. The smoker was up to temp at 242 and had been for 45 minn. I opened the door for 25 seconds and had a loss of 34 degrees.  It took 11 minn to recover.  I did have the empty water pan installed as Bear suggested,I am confident that with the Marketability controller it would have recovered. But then I would have had to put up with the 20 degree or more temp rise on either side of the target temp. As it was the hottest it ran was 243.

     Let me take this time to show you my 3.00 BBQ fan. This is a hand held air pump to start charcoal.

    It works great with charcoal but better lighting up pellets. Crank it for 1 minn and it will make the pellets take off. No need to bring out the heat gun or the hair dryer and tie up a receptacle . Power is no longer a concern since I now have a dedicated 20 amp  circuit with just 2 GFI receptacle's . One at the grill and this one.

    The other is a 15 amp circuit from the  porch.

    Here are the Finished ribs 

    Here is dinner.  Baby Back ribs. These were smoked for 2 1/2 hours with pit master blend from Todd I wrapped them with Apple juice Brown sugar mixed with Mike Mills MAGIC DUST. They were wrapped for 1 1/2 hours then I drained the juice for some BBQ beans in several days. 

    They had as much pull back as they could stand and still stay together. As you could see the cook had to test one bone.   Jted

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