Heat lamps for smokehouse??????

Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by masonman1345, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Hey smokin friends,

       I have finally decided to move forward and begin my smokehouse build. I have seen so many great smokehouses here that others have posted. I want to do a cold/hot smokehouse. I was going to use a heat source about 8' from my smokehouse and a heating element inside. I was also thinking about installing heat lamps inside my smoker. Would that be a good idea? I want my smokehouse to be 60" T X 36" W X 36" D.

    What do you all think?
  2. davidhef88

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    Have you done a search on the site to see what comes up?  hopefully someone will be along soon with some answers for you.
  3. No, I was just thinking heat lamps would work pretty good for keeping a constant temp in a smoke house. I was thinking that if you had 4 to up top 2 on bottom, that it would give heat needed while you cold smoke. I guess what I want to do is to infuse a cold smoke tecnique with a hot smoke tecnique. I dont even know if this is a good idea.
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    Are you saying you want a heat source 8' away, an element inside, AND heat lamps? Not sure why you would need 3 different heat sources? You could use an electric element inside with a PID and have complete control over your temps.
  5. Sorry, what I meant to say was either an element for heat on the bottom, or if it would be better to have heat lamps 2 on top 2 on bottom.   The smoke source would be about 8' away. Or am I just thinking too much?

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