Ham !! Store Manager doesn't know what I want (POPS, HELP)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jckdanls 07, Oct 31, 2011.

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    I went to Publix today to get a "Cured, Bone In, Ready To Cook (not yet cooked)" ham. The meat department Manager said there is no such thing. He says they are either previously smoked or cooked already. He called his supplier and they said the same thing, "Smoked, or cured and cooked". I tend to disagree with him saying that you can get it "just cured" and ready to cook. He said that you can take the "cured and cooked" and eat it straight out of the package. i said yes, this is true, you can take a cured ham and eat it "raw" but It Is not actually cooked yet.

    Am I wrong on any of this, are Hams actually cured and "cooked" previously ?

    He Is going to get a "Country Ham" for me and see If thats what I am talking about.

    maybe y'all can steer me straight.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Country Ham's a different animal than what your looking for.

    Go to wally world, they've got the cured, ready to cook hams, last I looked.
  3. jckdanls 07

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    thx.. but no.. I don't buy any wally world meat
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    "Back in the ol' days..." you had more choices and could get a cured but not fully cooked ham, it was only cooked to federal minimum of 135°.  Technically it was cooked enough to eat as it reached the minimum internal temp to kill trich, but still benefited to cook to minimum 146° which is "fully cooked" internal temp. status.

    However, today, because of the possibility of lawsuits, nationwide producers fully cook all their hams.  Some local or in-state regional producers may still offer a partially cooked ham, but it is not the norm.

    A country ham may be like a Smithfield ham that is dry-cured for months and smoked for weeks or longer and basically is 'petrified' pork.  Not necessarily cooked, but requires a lot of freshening (soaking in water to remove excess salt) and then baking to fully cook it.  Is this what you are looking for?  Or a conventional ham that you can finish cooking in your smoker and add an additional layer of smoke, using a partially cooked ham so you can finish cooking it yourself?

    If you are serious on a home made ham, check out my "leg to ham" link in my sig line and just make your own!  you can partially cook it or fully cook it, whatever you wish to do! 
  5. My brother bought a shoulder and wanted me to make a smoked ham out of it.

    I have it in the fridge right now soaking in cure/brine for 30 days. (Per Pops Leg to Ham).

    I can't wait to get it to the smoker. This is gonna be an experience.

  6. jckdanls 07

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    Pops.. I knew I could count on you to clarify this for me. No, the country ham is not what I'm looking for. I guess the conventional ham is the one. I'm glad you were here to answer right away as I need to get this for the SF Gathering this weekend. He did order a "Fresh Ham" and i went to look at it today but it was not cured yet so that woldn't work. Sure did look good tho.

    Thx again Pops... "Your The Man"
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    Keith, See if there is a Local Slaughter House/Country Butcher. Many of these guys butcher then inject/cure and smoke their own hams in house. They may agree to sell you a Raw Cured Ham, once you explain what you plan to do, your abilities and understanding of food safety...Take your plan in writing!...Good Luck...JJ
  8. Up this end it is commonly known as a 'sweet pickled pork'  --- cured but not smoked
  9. teeznuts

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    Hey 07,

    These were each done with "ready to cook" hams. I've done Smithfields that I buy at WalMart, "Cooks" brand and "Sunny Valley" brand. These are not ready to eat. The Smithfields that I get at WalMart are usually about $1.50 lb.    http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/111882/smoked-ham-with-q-view-inspired-by-smokinal  , http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/108964/another-sunday-ham-with-q-view   I believe SmokinAl uses the sam Smithfields. Here's a couple pics I found online so you can show your local meat man. They both say "ready to cook" not "ready to eat". Hope this helps.

  10. pops6927

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    Yes, there you go, those are "partially cooked" hams, smoked and cooked to an internal temp of 135° only, still need to be brought up to 146° minimum internal or higher  (155°-160°).  The correct nomenclature to tell the butcher is that you want a partially cooked ham, one that you must finish baking in the oven or smoker.
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    Yep, what all those guys said, We get the Smithfield ready to cook hams all the time. IMHO they come out much juicier than the already cooked one's do.
  12. jckdanls 07

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    Thanks everybody.. All Very valuable information.
  13. You should just fine a green ham, not yet cured, or cooked, and do it yourself!

  14. You try the Chop Shop on Manatee Ave?

    They are a "real" butcher shop and don't mind ordering stuff for you.

  15. jckdanls 07

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    I just ended up getting 2 half hams. So I'm good to go.. thx
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    "Listen, I was wandering. Can I ask you a question? Uh... was your father a meat burgler? Here's why I ask: because it looks like somebody stole two fine hams and shoved them down the back of your dress" -Leon Phelps (Ladies Man)

    Sorry. After that response, I couldn't resist!

    Many thanks for bringing this subject to light. I plan on doing a ham at some point and this clerifies what I need to ask for when the time comes.
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