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  1. to get my new AMNPS into the Masterbiut 30- am I doing something wrong? Also, would it be advisable to remove the chip loader to provide more air for the A-Maz-in smoker? Thanks- I'm doing a shoulder roast right now. Paul 
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    The AMNPS should fit on the Rails next to the Smoke Box but can be moved if needed. Here is some useful info and the thread it came from...JJ

    The MES and many other electric smokers are starved for oxygen. Most have less intake and exhaust than the MES. The Analog Masterbuilt, only has the drain hole for the intake, and guys have used a cheap aquarium pump to add intake air with great success. I'm not saying you have to do this with the MES, but there are a few tricks to keep the AMNPS smoking in the MES.

    The trick is to get a draft going thru your MES.

    Are you Cold Smoking or Hot Smoking?

    On hot days, with no wind, I've had to place the AMNPS on top the chip pan housing or even on the lowest shelf.

    Another trick is to start the MES and set it to 100°-125° to get a draft going thru the MES, then shut it off. This does not work well for smoking cheese, unless you like "Melted Cheese"!

    Do Not Rush The Starting Procedure!

    The biggest mistake guys make, is not following the starting procedure. Get a good flame burning on the pellets, and allow it to burn for at least 5 minutes, before you blow it out. You really need to get a good bed of coals to keep the AMNPS burning. If it's too windy to keep the flame going, place the AMNPS inside your smoker, but do not latch the door tight. Some guys just light the AMNPS and it keeps going. Once you get the hang of it, you be smoking up a storm!

    Adding the chimney helps create negative pressure in the MES. Without a chimney, you'll notice the unit will "Back Draft" thru the exhaust, when the wind blows. The chimney keeps the back draft from happening.

    If you're "Hot Smoking" with the AMNPS, DO NOT remove the Chip Loader. Only pull it out 1/4 way MAX.

    Cold Smoking

    Pull the chip pan out 1 ½”

    Remove the chip loader ¼ way to all the way out

    Place the AMNPS on the rails, or on top the chip pan housing

    Install Water Pan - Use as a heat deflector

    Hot Smoking

    Pull the chip pan out on 1 ½” - Do Not Remove!...Chip Pan Doubles as a "Heat Shield" for the door and bottom.

    Pull the chip loader up to ¼ way out MAX - Control Draft buy pushing in or pulling out

    Place AMNPS on the rails - Lighted side away from the element or flame

    Install Water Pan with No Water in the water pan - Excess moisture will keep the pellets or sawdust from burning.

    Happy Smoking!

    Above courtesy of Todd Johnson

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  3. Thank you Jimmy for the detailed response- just checked my shoulder and the AMNPS is creating a great TBS- I lit both ends. I did put the loader back in as you recommended. Paul
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    Once you get the hang of it, the MES and the AMNPS is going to give you some great eats 
  5. You fellas have any tips on cooking this shoulder roast (pork).? I put a butt rub on it last night and plan to sop it with with apple vinigar and olive oil in the next half hour. Then I am just going to let it smoke til it reaches 195- remve and wrap it with foil until time for dinner- what do you think? 
  6. Pork roast came out delicious had lots of TBS and love the AMNPS- thanks guys.  Paul

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