Guinea prime rib w Q view?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by mole177, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. Went to the local Costco today... look what happened.


    About half the PR


    Finished salmon, approx 2 hrs, next time less garlic salt, smoke adds the flavor.


    done! approx 5 hrs, internal temp @ 136F, Next time will be taken out at 138/9F, I was worried it would jump 10F after letting it rest.


    With flash photo.


    Overall impression, the family liked it, especially my dad. He was expecting the smoked PR to be tough and not "seasoned" enough.

    Looks like I am X-mas READY!

    This is my second smoke project ever, and second time using the brinkmann r2d2 cheapy from home depot.

    One full charcoal pan is enough, I was wondering if i needed to dip into the second bag of kingsford brisquettes.

    I used Apple wood chips, couldn't find chunks :(

    Anyone in Los Angeles area know where I can obtain apple chunks?

    Critiques welcomed!!!
  2. I'm pretty dense, I was looking for an Italian flair to your post. Took me a minute. That looks great.
  3. Looks great.  Glad all enjoyed it.  Those rib roasts are the best.
  4. That roast is a thing of beauty!!  What did you season it with? I can't wait to do one for Xmas.   Was the salmon on the foil the whole smoke? Costco's salmon fillets are so nice.  I get my wood mail order, barbecuewood in Yakima, WA.  Shipping to LA might not be too bad $-wise.
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    Thats one fine looking prime rib in my book. I wouldn't mind having some of that stuff myself.
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    that looks so very good.  Doing one myself for Christmas
  7. Thanks folks.

    Rub was simple minced garlic, garlic powder, garlic salt and lemon pepper.

    i found a wood distributor, called the Wood Shed, semi-local to me in Orange County. picked up some Grape and Red Oak, they have a whole bunch of other types as well. medium bag approx 12-15 lbs ranges $15-$20 + tax (boo). two bags came out to be $38 and change. is that an ok price?

    the salmon was smoked in the foil the whole time. next time I will put less garlic salt as it came out a tad too salty for my tastes.
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