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  1. I just received my LEM #8 meat grinder. Works great, enough power for me and much quieter then I thought it would be. The instruction booklet does not mention anything about lubricating the gears (steel) or the auger at the spline connection and where it fits into the cutting plate. Should this be done once in awhile to prevent unnecessary wear ?
  2. you should contact LEM to see what they recommend, as weird as it sounds, sometimes things are designed to not be greased and greasing can actually hinder movement, best to contact them and get their input
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    Here is what I use on my stuffer


    I got it at BPS - But like was mentioned check first to see what they recommend 
  4. makeme

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    I use this as well before I put them away when they are good and dry I coat every thing and plastic wrap to store.  When I get ready to use again I wash, dry and re-coat.
  5. plj

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    I use PAM on my grinder every time I assemble it for use.
  6. strummer

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    I use pam too .Just be sure to install the plastic bushing in the splined end . My brother in law didn't on his and ended up with metal shavings . Had to chunk a batch of pan sausage .
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  7. I just Emailed LEM with the question, should get reply tomorrow. My main concern is the gears.
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    The gears that are sealed in the unit do not need to be touched. They usually have a sealed gear box with the proper lube in it.
  9. LEM replied, the gears do not need to be relubed and a little Lem silicone spray on auger,knife,and cutting plate. Thanks for all the replies, you were all right.
  10. franklin3

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    Food grade silicon spray can be had at beleive it or not electrical supply houses for about $8.00 a can compared to the $17.00 to $25.00 from the grindr suppliers.
  11. boykjo

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    Lube it before use only... Dont lube it for storage... it attracks dust

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    This is what I use, from Butcher - Packer:

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    Thats what I use as grade silicone.

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