Grilling pork, round 2

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by techsasgirl, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. After last week's abysmal fail at smoking a useless pork picnic roast, I bought the real thing, and have been smoking a pork butt since noon today (central time), I am exhausted, and it's still going. 10 hours into it, I finally reached 770 degrees, and wrapped it in foil. I am going to post some pics. But I just really wonder if this is normal?!?!? 10 hours to reach 170? Is this normal with a 9lb butt?


    Any feedback is requested and welcomed! I know it's late, but I know I can't be the only one up smoking tonight!!!
  2. Ha ha.... of course you know it was 170 degrees, not
  3. sprky

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    A 9 # butt to 170 in 10 hours I can buy that, as it sounds fairly close normal. What temp are you smoking at. 
  4. 225-250.... with a very few short lived peaks and troughs....
  5. 225-250.... with a very few short lived peaks and troughs....
  6. 225-250.... with a very few short lived peaks and troughs....
  7. 225-250.... with a very few short lived peaks and troughs....
  8. Wow... don't ya just love mobile internet???
  9. jrod62

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    770 degrees you must have one heck of a fire going to get 770 IT temp [​IMG]
  10. So here's my new problem: Just as Al predicted in another thread, I fell asleep and didn't wake up with my alarm to check my grill temp. I'm not really worried about food safety. When I checked it at 1:40am, it was foiled and the meat temp was at 190°. Although I set my alarm for 2am, the next thing I knew, I woke up at 4am! It was as cold outside as my fridge (if not colder). I popped my butt right in the fridge. My question is this: is there ANY WAY I can save my PP, or is this one going to be ridiculously tough, too? Is there any reheating method that will help? I haven't tried pulling it yet. I was initially planning on pulling it wheit came off the grill, and then reheating it in the crock pot while I'm at mass this afternoon. Now what do I do? I'm a mess.... :(
  11. throw it in a slow cooker if you have enough time to get it hot, as far as the 190 It may not be as easy to  pull apart but it shouldn't be all that tough  either
  12. smokinal

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    I would put it in a foil pan with some broth and cover it with foil. The put it into a 250 degree oven until the IT hits 205. It should pull easily then. 
  13. Well, the oven reheat in the broth did the trick. I was pretty impressed. And I couldn't have done it without all the excellent help I received here! Now, as soon as I get this same quality result another 3 times, I  will consider myself a pulled pork diva and move on to another meat. Chicken, maybe?!?! Anyway, check out these pics:


    Well, it appears that the big reveal, the plate full of PP on the left is pretty blurry. Sorry about that. But you get the idea. How's that photo on the right look?!?!
  14. sprky

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    [​IMG]  I'd eat a plate of that any day. Glade it all turned out well for ya.
  15.  Another thing you may want to consider later on, after it goes into the foil you can just put it in the oven to finish. It isn't smoking after that  anyway. You may get a bit of smoke smell in the house but you will get that when you serve it also.

     I just did a 5 1/2 #  butt today on my MES40 and it took about 6 hours to get to 165 when I foiled it, took it in so I wouldn't have to walk back out to the shop anymore, and it took about another hour and a half to get to 195 in the oven. It pulled very well @ 195 and still has some "tooth"

    not mushy, just the way I like them.


  16. I did think about leaving the smoker alltogether once I got it in foil. But I guess I was being
  17. chef jimmyj

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    The only time you have to be Hardcore and stay in the Smoker is in a Competion...If your Tired, it's Raining/Snowing or you just have other stuff to do...The oven is always an option once you foil...Looks like you are on your way to Diva...JJ
  18. Lol. first of all, Competition is my ultimate goal.... Just because I wanna!

    And can I just say THANK YOU to EVERYONE who helped me make my pork butt awesome???

    It does need more work. I am the VERY FIRST to say this. It wasn't as tender as I wanted it to be. But I can do it! However, I have to tell you all that today at work, I heated up my leftovers I took for lunch. I couldn't keep my coworkers out of it! They LOVED it. I had one friend come off the elevator looking for me because she could smell the PP as she entered the building! lol  And they LOVED my homemade sauce. I was so crazy honored to know that others liked my food! And they all asked me how I learned to smoke. I told them I turned into a smoking nerd when I found this forum! Lol I said something about smoking this weekend in class. I have a student who is a transplant to Texas from California. She had no idea what it meant when I said I smoked all weekend until she saw the food I heated up. She said "I thought, 'your husband's a cop!'. I couldn't figure out why you were so open about smoking!!!". Bahahaha

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