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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by deepa, Sep 9, 2014.

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    Two weeks ago I bought a package of Greenwise chicken breasts and a package of thighs. I checked the sell by dates and all was well within the timeframe. When I got home I divided them into freezer bags for individual meals. When I thawed a package last week the meat didn't smell good. I cooked it anyway and it didn't taste good so I tossed it. Yesterday I thawed the second package. Same thing; the meat smelled. I threw it away. I went to Publix to speak to someone. When I explained the situation to the Meat Manager he asked to see my receipt. Obviously I didn't have on so he told me that he couldn't return my money. I asked if anyone else had reported the problem and he said no. My question is to all of you. Have you had any problem with Publix Greenwise products?
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    Welcome to SMF DeePa!  Be sure to stop in at Roll Call and introduce yourself so folks can give you a hearty welcome.

    I can't speak for Publix Greenwise but I can speak for my local experience.  Sometimes you just get bad meat.  It might have been mishandled anywhere along the chain, not just at the grocer.  I have a grocer I use almost exclusively, have for years.  I buy meat from them weekly.  They know me.  In all that time I've had to take meat back twice for the same reasons, smell and taste.  Still, they always want to see either a receipt or the packaging it came in. 

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