Great success 1st time with a brisket

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  1. Just wanted to drop in and say thanks to all of you that post here.  I used techniques and basic knowledge off the site to smoke my first brisket this past weekend.

    I smoked a pork shoulder and a brisket for my son's graduation party, I have done the pork before, but not the brisket.  IMO and many others, they both turned out fantastic.  The brisket actually was better than the pork IMO, but the only thing (but not really bad IMO), was the brisket was so tender that it fell apart while slicing, I was able to slice a bit of it about 1/4" and it stayed together, the rest just wouldn't hold together.

    I smoked the brisket @ 225 for 6-8 hours (til it hit 170 degrees), wrapped in foil and let it go to 200 degrees, it finished 7.5 hours prior to serving time, so I lowered the smoker to 140 for 1.5 hours, then pulled and wrapped in towels and placed into the cooler.  We pulled and started serving just as it dipped below 160 degrees (just past 6 hours in the cooler).

    It was fantastic, but I wonder if I can have such tender brisket that will hold together when sliced without giving up anything.

    Things were so hectic I didn't even take any photos, next time I will!
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    Brisket is the reason I started smoking and is still what keeps me going. Good job. Now you're hooked. Enjoy chasing the brisket dragons tail.

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