Going to smoke my first brisket on Sunday with a Qview

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  1. keep it coming - looks good!
  2. Thanks guys.  For the beans you want to keep your sausage moist and not over cooked.  Once I get my smoke ring I pull it off and wrap it in foil and let it sit for 1/2 hour before I slice it up.

  3. Smoking is sure hot work.  Trying to stay cool by the pool.  

  4. done yet?
  5. bearcarver

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    Nice Job EJ !!!

    Awesome way you do those pics too!!!!

  6. Thanks Bear.  And JJ not done yet.  I'm stuck at 160 and growing older by the minute.

  7. Since it looks like we will be having dinner about the same time as I woke up today I made something to take the hunger away.  I also told the dinner guest to bring their pajamas [​IMG]

    Cheese dip with Jeff's rub and jalapenos in the smoker for 40 minutes.  Put some tortilla shells on the grill to warm them up and dip away.



    Smoke olives in for about 55 minutes.   Here is what they look like before going in the smoker.

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  8. Wife and I do the Tortilla pizzas all the time - I have got to try smoking the ingredients or event he tortillas!

    The dreaded stall - will be worth the wait my friend!

    by the way - where are you located?  (just curious)
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  9. Tortilla pizza sounds good.  I just foiled it at 165. Now it's starting to move after sitting at 160 for over 3 hours.  My smoker calls SoCal home.  We got some onions on the smoker with a mustard sauce that should be coming up shortly.
  10. Almost forgot.  The beans and smoke sausage are done.

  11. This all looks GREAT! I think for your guests briging their PJ's and crashing on your couch are well worth it. I'd stay for a brisket breakfast. That bad boy looks like it'd make some NICE burnt ends!
  12. Thanks CC.  And the finished meat.   It's Good!  

  13. smokinal

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    Great looking brisket!!

  14. africanmeat

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    It is a nice smoke, you did a great job, it looks like a great  feast next to the pool .

    now You deserve   a [​IMG]
  15. OMG look at that beautiful brisket!  Well worth the wait and all the other fixins looked wonderful. Nice job and thanks for keeping me entertained!

  16. Thanks guys.  Up bright and early today to get the burnt ends going.  The rest of the flat will be for chili.  The burnt ends I coated in bbq sauce.

  17. smokinal

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    Looks good so far!
  18. OMG! "Nice job" doesn't even cover it. You have done a magnificent job, great

    Qview as well, thanks for the share...AWESOME!
  19. THATTA BOY!!! I knew you'd come to your senses and make some burnt ends out of that beautiful brisket!!! You have inspired me with a weekend project. Just ordered a packer for pick up on Friday! Start her up Saturday evening!

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    My mouth is watering , and PLEASE finish the story & picks   I'm going to be doing my first this week end ....So this is helpful and great !

    dying to hear more I have tons of questions

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