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    Hey guys, newbie here, looking to smoke alot this summer. I'm looking to go out and get the essential spices so i dont have to keep making trips to the supermarket. Any suggestions on spices and other things I should stock up on. Mostly gonna smoke ribs, brisket, and butts.
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    Well i would get salt(kosher and regular) and black pepper, onion powder, Garlic powder, some form of paprika (hot , sweet, smoked). I would also look at a few recipes you are going to use and see what you need on those lists. A lot of rubs use things like chilli powder, cumin, sugar (brown/white/turbindao), coriander, mustard.

    If you don't have any recipes to start with and you want to start with something you can buy a couple recipe's off Jeff here on the Forums (proceeds help the forums) and modify till you get the rub you like to use.

    Hope this helps,

    phatbac (Aaron) 
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    Good advice by Phatback. I would add this. Buy FRESH spices especially if you are buying in bulk. You are not going to find fresh spices in your local supermarket most likely. If you have a spice store in your area go there. Don't buy more than you are going to use in a 60 day period. Spices don't stay fresh for very long and will lose their flavor. Store in glass containers in a cool dark place is recommended.

    I don't have a spice store in my area so I purchase all mine online at the Spice Store.com,

    Fresh spices make a significant difference in your rubs and the end result of your bbq.

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