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Discussion in 'Pork' started by jtr, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. I've setup my new GOSM... I got my 8 pound pork butt I'm ready for my first smoke..After reading many expert posts and tips/advice I am going to do a smoke for the Superbowl..

    Here are the steps I am going to take...let me know if you have any suggestions/tips

    Night before: Going to rub the pork butt with mustard and my spice rub. I am going to inject with apple juice worchshire and some of the the rub and let it sit in the frig overnight.

    Day of the smoke: I am going to let the pork butt sit out of the frig while I fire up the GOSM. Then rub some more dry rub.
    I have apple, hickory, mesquite wood chips but thought of using just hickory and apple...how's this sound?
    At 200-225 I was going to smoke for approx 12 hours (1.5 hr/per lb)
    Let it sit for a bit then chunk it apart and enjoy straight up or on a toasted bulkie roll...

    Should I baste the butt while it's smoking?
    Should I cover it in foil at any point?
    Any other tips or suggestions would be great...I will be posting photos later.. Thanks!
  2. chisoxjim

    chisoxjim OTBS Member

    Sounds good

    Pork butts took my about 2 hours per lb on my GOSM. If they get done quicker toss it in a cooler wrapped in foil for a few hours, better doing that than waiting for it to be done with a bunch of hungry folks around. Plus foiling in a cooler for a few hours really helps the finished pulled pork

    i never foil the butt until its done and resing off the smoker.

    I also dont baste/mop/spray my butts and they turn out fine(nice bark, moist inside especially since you are injecting). The more you open the smoker the more time it will take(if your lookin you aint cookin).

    good luck
  3. I will spritz with a mixture of apple juice and BacardiO Orange rum every now and again during cook. I foil after about 185 and will continue to cook (at this point I will sometimes finish in oven particularly if the weather is cold) to 205 or so. Then wrap in towels and put in cooler for at least an hour 2 is better if you have the time.
    Don't forget your finishing sauce!! Otherwise you are are on the right track for sure!! Good luck and lets see the qview later [​IMG]
  4. Love the sayin "if your lookin you aint cookin"
    I am in the northeast and they are talking about the high to be 31 tomorrow, so I am going to season my smoker today and experiment with the temp settings b/c it is around the same temp today. Little flurries won't hurt my GOSM????

    The rub I'm going to use is a rub from that actually came from my hometown in York, Maine. They received a "award of excellence" by the NBBQ in the 2009 National BBQ award winners. It's called DennyMike's pixie dust, all purpose magic mojo and I am goin to use another dry rub blend called devine swine (they sell at cabelas and online). I have used it on ribs and pork tenderloin, good balance of heat and spice. Just thought I'd throw out a suggestion for any guys looking for somethin new.
  5. chisoxjim

    chisoxjim OTBS Member

    your GOSM shouldnt have an issue with a little snow or those temps, hopefully its not windy.

    Ill be doing 17 lbs of butts starting around midnight tonight temps in the teens. Im planning on 16 hours to get these done in the cold.

    lookin forward to seeing how your smoke turns out.
  6. donnylove

    donnylove SMF Premier Member

    My two cents would be that there's no real reason you need to cook at as low a temperature as 200*. I typically cook my shoulders at about 275*, which finishes them faster without any real drawbacks that I can see. Everyone please chime in on what I'm saying, especially if you disagree. At a minimum I would cook at 225* and make sure that you actually have that temperature in the chamber (i.e., don't just trust the factory thermometer on the outside). Check the chamber temp with a probe thermometer (stuck through an apple or a piece of cork). Once you get an idea where your smoker actually operates compared to what the factory thermo says, you won't necessarily have to do this.

    As for the shoulder or butt smoking process, most here foil at about 160* with some apple juice or other liquid in the foil to braise the meat finish the cook. I typically pull mine out at about 192-195*, which leaves it plenty tender for pulling with no risk of getting mushy, but that's just my take on it. After you take it off the smoker, wrap it in towels and let it rest for an hour or more to let the juices redistribute throughout the meat. If it's going to be longer than an hours, put it in a cooler (wrapped in towels). It should stay nice and hot for several hours (in case you finish too early) and you can pull it whenever you're ready. Have fun and be sure to take some pics for us!
  7. Donnylove...how much does cooking at 275* affect the cooking time per pound?
  8. donnylove

    donnylove SMF Premier Member

    It usually takes me about 9-11 hours from on the drum to in the cooler for two butts from Costco or Sam's Club. Those butts are usually in the 7-9 lb range each, so I suppose we're talking about something like 1 1/4 hours per pound. Add the hour for resting in the cooler and they might be more like 1 1/2 hours per pound at the most. Hope that helps!
  9. Yes it does thanks! Do you put the butts in a room temp or right from the frig? I know this has been a debate in the past thought I'd get your take.
  10. donnylove

    donnylove SMF Premier Member

    I usually take mine out of the fridge and let them sit in the kitchen for the 20-30 mins or so that it takes for me to get the fire going and the temps where I want them, but I don't think it's critical either way. It's just that much less time for the roasts to warm up (once they're on the smoker), but I wouldn't worry about trying to get them to room temperature ahead of time. Of course if you leave them out too long, there's always some risk (don't ask me how much) of bacteria developing, so no reason to tempt fate too much.
  11. Gotcha! Sounds good... I will post some photos of the first smoke when I am done.
  12. Can't stress enough that you need to use a themometer in the meat to determine doneness. Butts can stall for hours. Always use a thermometer and plan on the meat getting doen 3 hours before it will be needed. this way you should not run into problems with it getting done late. If it gets to temp early then take it out wrap in foil and towels and put in a cooler. They will keep warm for hours in a cooler. I would want mine to rest in a cooler for at least one hour in any case.
  13. I've been doing mine lately at 250, for about 6-7 hours...Yes go with hickory and apple. Good mix, my problem is that I'm a fidget with the temp, Agreed with letting the rub sit on it also all night, also I suggest letting it sit in apple cider vinegar and cut off most of the fat cap.

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