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  1. going to be the best year yet, this is just one of 10 plants.
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  2. Lookin good,are those cherry tomatoes?still havent even planted mine yet,this week though
  3. No, full size, Mr Striply(sp) variety, the one on the ground is a cherry tomato from the next bush. Took a chance and planted them in March. I am in Northern Ca.

  4. these are some other types from different plants. Having some nice BTLs. Also my favorite, slice tomatoes, anchovies from the can, and good French bread. Be sure to dunk the bread in that wonderful oil/juice.
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    Nice lookin' maters......  [​IMG]  ....
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    Those look great!

    Wish we could grow them like that down here!

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    Beautiful! b

  8. Thank you all for looking. This is what  I do with my San Marzano Tomatoes some home made Italian sausage.


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