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  1. Hi all,

    I live in Bolivia, I made a search trying to find not galvanized nipples for the air vents but I couldn´t find them and I couldn´t find black pipe either.

    Is there a health danger in using galvanized nipples for air vents?  I suppose air vents nipples doesn’t get too hot but I am guessing.

    (I tried in hardware shops, welders, even spoke with an hardware shop owner: only galvanized ones are available)

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  2. fwismoker

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    I used a few thick galvanized washers in the bottom of my uds and I'm still alive and well!

    Most will say not to but imo you'll be fine!
  3. By no means am I a professional on the subject but welding galvanized parts emits a very poisonous gas.  We use a special ventilated welding hood that delivers fresh air any time we are welding galvanized goods.  My opinion would be to not use galvanized parts if at all possible.  No sense in taking a chance of poisoning yourself or anyone else for that matter!
  4. Dip them in muredic(I know that is not spelled right)  acid then rinse well. Or sand blast them

    Happy smoken.

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    Throw them in a fire and burn the galv. off.... DO NOT STAND DOWN WIND..... Zinc poisoning....  you will never forget it...    oil them up with veggie oil and you are good to go.....  

  6. fwismoker

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    I hit my washers with a torch to be safe...didn't see any difference on them but better safe than sorry i was thinking. 
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    Post deleted.
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  8. I use a mapp gas torch and heat the parts up to red hot.  The galvanizing vaporizes and the base steel is a black color afterwards.[​IMG]
  9. Thanks to all,

    Great feedback in order to resolve the issue, luckily just in the afternoon after posting the problem I met with this expert welder owner and she can make the air vents nipples without using a galvanized part [​IMG] Great!!!

    Thks again.

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