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  1. Looking to attach my ammo can w/ AMNPS to my MES but can only find galvanized 90deg adapters.  Is this an issue?  I've looked everywhere and can't find stainless.  It won't be in direct contact with flame so I would think it's not an issue.


  2. Basically galvanized anything is taboo Here is a link to a aluminum 90's for not much money.

    also sell a 3 inch Aluminum pipe that snaps together.    Jted
  3. I didn't even think about looking online because I was "trying" to do it today.  I'll look on amazon (the link you sent had a smoker cover on it LOL)

    I went back to the big box stores here in Vegas and came up empty handed.  They did have a piece of alum that I could have cut to make an adapter but was looking for a simple solution.

  4. Not sure what your 90* adapter would be, could you use an aluminium downspout 90* ?
  5. I'm sure it would work.  I tried to stuff the ducting into the hole on the smoker but that didn't work.  From all the posts I see here, people use an elbow to put into smoker and attach the flex ducting to that and same idea on mailbox (ammo can in my case).  I'll look at those too.  Maybe someone can pitch in what exactly (if i'm wrong) they used.

  6. Ok, you could use takeoff/ starting collars and run a hunk of flex between them. When not using seal with cap plugs. ???
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    I wouldn't think galvanized would be an issue as long as not being subjected to excessive heat or coming into direct contact with food.

    When galvanized metal is subjected to high heat it puts out toxic fumes. I don't think the AMNPS will generate enough heat in your ammo can to vaporize and create zinc fumes.
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  8. I went to another store just a little bit ago and they had an elbow but it didn't specify if it was galvanized.  I picked it up and brought it home then put a torch to it.  It didn't give off any smoke or stench like when I weld galvanized stuff.  Took the chip holder out, stuck it in and heating welder up to see if it smokes or anything.

    Time will tell.
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    reading through I don't see the diameter size anywhere... what diameter are you looking for ??
  10. Using a 3" that will fit directly into the chip loader.  It's in there now doing a test to make sure nothing funky comes off of it.
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    and you found a 3" galvanized elbow ?? was it a big heavy pipe elbow ?? I'm confused...
  12. That is exactly what I was looking for and bought.  However, the link you sent said ONLINE ONLY which makes me think the one I got was galvanized.  I'll see if I kept the reciept and compare the item numbers.  It not, it's only 4 bucks down the drain.
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    I wouldn't worry about using any galv. fittings for a mailbox mod. You won't be generating enough heat to get the chem. reaction to release the bad gasses. If you were you would not be able to use these fittings for the purpose they were designed for,  furnace & water heater exhausts. They burn much hotter and people are not dropping in their basements.
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