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Discussion in 'Fridge/Freezer Builds' started by omahasmoker, May 15, 2010.

  1. omahasmoker

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    I finally got around to adding my secondary 750 watt strip heater to my converted fridge smoker today. i now have 2000 watts. i repositioned all my racks and i was able to squeeze in 2 more for a total of 7. i am looking at a mini rack at the top that will only be big enough for wings and bacon. i say why not?

    i hung the strip heater from a piece of 3/8 allthread with eye bolts.

    i currently use a cut down piece of ductwork over the top as a heat shield. if i do not use one, i get flash fires and the finned strip heaters get all covered in black crap. i never have to clean them now, they get so hot that they are self cleaning.

    when i get the last top rack in, i will have about 18 square feet of cooking area. looks like i should be able to do about 75 pieces of chicken or 20 pounds of wings at once. now on to my smoke generator mods. i used to use a 100 gallon aquarium pump hooked to my generator. i wanted something more. and i found it.

    i started using a medical nebulizer as an air pump. it puts out CRAZY amounts of air. i would estimate it delivers 5 times as much as a 100 gallon air pump puts out. and it puts it out at 30 psi. no more ash clogging my smoke generator and having to take it apart mid-smoke to fix it. you can get these on ebay for $30 delivered and it should last just about forever.

    i used to have to manually vent my smoker. not anymore. the 30 psi air vents it all by itself. it just blows air and smoke out around the door seal. i am building a bleed off valve assembly to be able to adjust the amount of air it delivers. i will post pics when i get it built.
  2. Nice job on all the work for that thing. I need to get going on mine one of these days.
  3. omahasmoker

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    best of luck on your conversion. once you get it built, its just too easy to get good smoked meat.

    if you are using electric heaters. get them from Drillspot.com if you can. they are the cheapest place i could find for mine and when they arrive, they come from grainger. so you get grainger parts for about 3/4 the price.
  4. troski

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    Omahasmoker I have two strip that look just like the ones your using. they are [email protected] 900 [email protected] 240v. If you need them let me know. I went with a different setup two 2500 watt heaters 5000 total works great.

    Here's what the new setup looks like. My smoker is about 18.5cf inside.
  5. nickelmore

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    Where did you find those grates? I am working on another smoker usung a 1500 watt burner.

    What was the reason to add the second burner? Recovery time or temp?

  6. omahasmoker

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    mostly for recovery time. it got to the point when i was doing 20 pound loads of chicken that it could take up to 3 1/2 hours to get it all done. i wanted it to be a little quicker. but with the added capacity, it might be a wash.

    most of the grates are the ones that came with my GOSM big block. others came from Lowes and had to be cut down a bit. a few of them came with the fridge from the factory. now i need more grates for my GOSM.
  7. outwest

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    Are the strip heaters 110v or 220v ?
  8. knine

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    Where did you get those elements???  Look great!
  9. looks great  i wish i would have seen this before i changed mine to propane... but i'm going to build a new one next week should be fun... how much dose it cost to run per hour??? only bad thing is we have power surges and power outs often, would hate to spend the money and then have it damged.

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