Freezing Jalapeno's

Discussion in 'ABT's' started by pawoodswalker, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. I make a lot of ABT'S everyone seems to love them, so i decided to plant some Jalapeno's in my garden. I only planted a dozen plants and have more peppers than i know what to do with.Was wondering if anyone has ever froze them,I dont know if they would get soft or not. I am also thinking of making some ABT's up and freezing them. I think I may give it a try and see how it works.
  2. pineywoods

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    A few plants go a long way don't they [​IMG]   I picked a full 5 gal bucket full on Saturday
  3. smokinal

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    You can freeze them. They freeze just like any pepper. They don't get soft.
  4. biaviian

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  5. eman

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     Buy a bushel of japs when i can find them on sale and halve , seed and freeze for pepper jelly. They get a little soft when thawed .but not enough to hurt anything.
  6. scarbelly

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    I am lucky enough to get them for less than a $ lb regularly so I just buy them fresh but if I had to I would freeze them in a heartbeat
  7. Thanks for the input. will be freezing a bunch this weekend
  8. daddydon

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    There selling those puppy's down here for 2.99 a pound.. Killing me![​IMG]
  9. 2.99 a pound. Yikes. .99 here
  10. smokinal

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    They are $.83 a pound here.

    They are also nice & big, 3 to 4 inches long.
  11. venture

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    They will soften when frozen as any pepper will in a home freezer.  The flavor will still be fine though.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  12. sqwib

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    Been freezing all my Red Japs to make a chipotle powder, so far seems fine.

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