Foiling ribs.

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  1. Yup. My neighbor likes to have a peek all the time to see how it's going. My theory: Fugitabodit! Let them sit there and be happy. Besides every time you open that door ya have to put the old fashion down and that's just not an acceptable practice. Lol
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    Lots of replies here, but here is my 2 cents.  I do foil, mainly because i want to ensure a nice color and also, I don't use a lot of sugars in my main rub so then I can add a little sweetness with brown sugar in my foil.  As others have mentioned, it sounds like the ribs just may be a bit overcooked.  A few tips if you want to foil...

    - 3-2-1 is a guideline for ribs, but by no means science.  Smoke until you get the color you want then wrap.  I check mine at 2.5 hours.

    - If you do foil, let them sit in the foil for 1.5 hours then check them.  Open up a rack real quick and give a bone a gentle tug.  If it feels like it is about ready to come out, you are done with the wrapping portion.

    - Unwrap and put back on smoker for about an hour or so.  This will help the ribs tighten back up and you can glaze from there and pull off.
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    Must not have been that good if you put one down to take a picture. Hahaha.... Just ribbing you, looks great and nice smoke ring there.
  4. That's what I do - 3-2-1 method.  After reading all these post above yours, I think I will smoke one with foil and one without and do my own taste test.  And the worst my ribs have ever came out was falling off the bone too easily.  That only happened once and another time it was "almost" falling off.  My ribs have always been very tasty.  Smoking some mas & cheese with them this weekend!
  5. Sorry, I thought this would show up in the post I was talking about - #18 on this thread.
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    Larry, 3-2-1 will almost always give Fall off the Bone ribs because of the time the meat spends Braising in the foil. If you like the taste the foiling process gives but want more Pull from the meat, cut the foiling time down to 1 or 1.5 hours and then add the time as needed at the end such as 3-1.5-1.5 or you get a 90° bend, with splintering meat, when you pick the rack up from one end. This adjustment of foiling time and bend test, don't rely on Pull Back as it does not always happen, gives the best of both worlds...JJ
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  7. Oh yeah.  I have been adjusting my 3-2-1 times the past few smokes.  Size of meat, outside temp/humidity, temp inside pit - all factors.  One time I took them out of foil too early and the didn't "bite clean" enough off the bone.  The reason I took them out early was because the last time the fell off too easily.  I have been getting better and better at judging everything throughout the whole process.  Thanks for the input though.  Happy smoking!
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    I can say that I don't foil anything . Too much time , opening the Smoker too much , waste of good Smoke and easier.

    Put them in , 225*F , keep an eye on heat and they come out great[​IMG]

    I leave them in the heat and smoke for 4.5 to 5 hrs. and then check them , they are always tender and moist ; not mushy or fall off the bone , a good tender bite through the meat.

    Have fun and . . .
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  10. I've done both ways and love the results of both. When foiling the meat tends to be more tender IMO. But I like both, and it depends on the target audience I guess. I have freinds that love FOTB ribs so I foil and hear everytime about how they are the best ribs they ever had. Others like to have a slight pull, for them I don't foil and they also love them.
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    Exactly! There are a lot of ways to get to great Ribs. I have even done both when I have time to play. Two racks. one with Foil for Mrs. J and one without 'cause I like like more pull and extra smokey...JJ
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    My wife requested her favorite: BB, FOTB ribs this weekend.  I'll be foiling. 

    Thankfully I'll also be smoking an 8 lb shoulder at the same time so even though I'm not a fan of BBs or FOTB, I'll have the PP to keep me smiling later.  Might even join the Cult of the Bark and not foil the roast.  Will wonders never cease?  
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    FOTB Ribs might as well be Pulled Pork...JJ
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    We need to come up with a way to identify the members of the "Cult of the Bark" so we can recognize each other out on the street (or on this forum). Maybe a tattoo for the street and for the forum a tag next to our avatar.
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    Maybe a secret hand shake, or wave. LOL

    All them ribs look fine to me.

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    Trust me, I know.  Its her birthday though and she wants her ribs to FOTB.  Sigh.  The good news is I know how to do it for her.  The bad news I have to look like I'm enjoying the ribs.  But we have a daughter visiting so maybe between the two of them I can skip the ribs and enjoy my pulled pork with THIS................

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    Nice Bro! I hope you enjoy the sauce and Happy Birthday to your Mrs. Take care...JJ
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    That's exactly right . Foiled Ribs taste like more an over cooked flavor. Doing with no foil is always better , once you get a gripon no foil , IMHO , you;ll convert.

    They come out great and juicy as any Rib you've had , and easier ( no mucing with them. You can leave them in without looking until you smell them, THEN check . I believe you'll see a great difference.

    Have fun and . . .
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    I'm still trying to decide how to do my ribs this weekend, and it's already Tuesday. I change my mind every 5 minutes...foil/no foil...sweet/salty...brine/no brine...finishing sauce/no get the point. It's making my head hurt.
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    I won't foil nor pull the membrane.  I have a new system for cooking ribs where they are finished cooking in 90 minutes or less for BB or spare ribs.     

    BB-90 minutes naked

    Back/Front side of spares 85 minutes.


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