first uds build.....AquaLung

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  1. just a bunch of pics.....i have some things to add yet , but it should be good to cook with, i haven't done anything in her yet, but i did season her with some oil and some heat to keep her from rusting.

    I named it AquaLung since that was the color of the drum when i go ready for this...FREE.  it was a plastic lined drum with no liner, no lid, but that didn't matter to me, i was going to put a dome lid on anyway.

    I searched craigslist and found a sunbeam for  $20, i needed a lid and grates, so i bought it.  them i searched the scrap yards for expanded metal, found a 18" x 55" piece for $15...paint cost me $15 for three color with primer , i may regret the paint, but time will tell, i was convinced by another group of bbq'ers i did not need high temp paint, i am still sceptical.  so my total cost so far $50.  

    since i never throw anything away, i have casters in the basement, some 2" x 6" for making a roller dolly, still got a handle from the sunbeam, found a wire rack i can modify for a shelf...i hope... and probably will add hooks and stuff as i go. any way the pics

    looky inside pre burn, inlet holes drilled

    outside inlet holes - 1" to take a 3/4" nipple  


    Notice the incomplete burn on the bottom why i do not wish to use any barrel with chemical, i just don't feel like i can ever get it clean without a sandblast 

    all scrubbed and inlets installed

    inside - cleaned

    Cheap basket with handle i made from wire

    grates installed 

    almost there

    lid fits, i had to cut the rolled lip off to make it work

    dirty and thirsty

    custom paint with spray cans...

    thanx for looking
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  2. Nice UDS. Thanks for sharing. Your going to love the way it cooks.

    Happy smoken.


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