First time smoking baby back ribs and i am hooked

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jayskibum, Nov 15, 2013.

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    So i bought a smoker 3 days ago and yesterday i got to eat my first meal out of it.

    Did some research on this site and found a rub and a foiling sauce from chef jimmy j, decided on a chip combination and made some 2-2-1 baby back ribs.

    And this is how it went.

    The smoker a 30" mes i picked up at tractor supply for $150.

    about 7 lbs of baby back ribs.  Now i was so excited about this whole process i forgot to remove the membreane.  They were still good but next time i will remember to remove the membrane.  Live and learn.

    The ribs coated in mustard and then with chef jimmy j's Mild Bubba Q rub

    Wrapped and ready to spend the night.  They were in the fridge for about 16 hrs

    And finally it was time to do some smoking.  Set the smoker to 225 degrees and the show began.

    I ended up using a combination of chips.  I went 2 parts mesquite and 3 parts apple.  I did not soak the chips in water and i didn't put any water in the water pan.  I smoked them steady for the first 2 hours.

    Wrapped them up in tin foil and added chef jimmy j's foiling sauce. (used kc version with apple cider and honey) and let them cook for 2 more hours

    Then slapped them on the rack for the last hour.  (i didn't use any smoke for the final hr)  i also cooked down the remaining juices which turned into a delicous bbq sauce and applied a nice coat of sauce twice during the final 40 min.  And this is what they look like

    All in all they came out good.  They were a little over cooked in my opinion. they weren't bad but the leftovers i heat up will be dryer than i want them to be.   I didn't have a good way of monitering my temperature that will be resolved shortly though with a maverick.  I was to desperate to try out the new toy to wait long enough to get every thing else i need.

    Lesson's learned from this experience

    1) Need to buy a bigger roll of tinfoil (the tinfoil wraps were difficult with the size i had)

    2) Need a better way to moniter cooker temp and meat temp (i knew this before i started but as stated above i just couldn't wait to try it)

    3) I am not happy with the inconsistent production of smoke so need a cold smoker attachment or an amnps with a mail box mod (all in good time)

    4)If chef Jimmy J posts a recipe on this forum you should just buy what you need and make it(amazing next step is to tell him the same)

    And last but not least i love smoking and am hooked.  This is a great website.  This website provided me with the info to make some exceptional ribs for my first time out.  Both roommates couldn't get enough.  And i can't wait to try the next thing.  Thinking maybe some smoked chicken wings with a garlic parm sauce i found on here.
  2. Congrats, on your new smoker and first cook. I have stated in other post Get to know your smoker. It takes several cooks paying attention each time to get it figured out. The more to cook the better and easier it will get. You will be turning out consistent Q every time. When I do ribs I have to do 3 styles so everybody is happy. #2 son and one grandson like dry and spicy Wife, other grandson  and #1 son like Sweet and wet, and I like a little sweet and spicy.

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    Great looking ribs!

    Congrats on the new smoker and welcome to your new addiction!

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    i use the Masterbuilt external smoke generator and i am very pleased with it. i ran an extra piece of 3" heat duct between the smoker and the smoke gen to cool it even more. about 2 feet worth. the only issue i have had is that sometimes the chips or sawdust dont fall down the tower to keep a decent burn going, i just knock them down with a stick and all is well. smokes for 4 to 6 hours no problem.

    a good unit for $60 from Bass Pro
    good luck
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  5. jayskibum

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    thanks for the info rackrat.  i was wondering if it lasted as long as they claim.  What temperature do you normally run the external smoke generator at to produce the best smoke?  have you done any cold smoking with it?
  6. goliath

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    it is just a little electric element in the bottom of the box, a wire mesh sits above so as the chips, or sawdust burns it drops thru to the ash pan.. no temp control. i have done some bacon and it was excellent. since i have gotten it i have never used the normal chip set up in the smoker itself. like i said, sometimes the stuff burns up into itself so you must just push it down with a stick. a simple set up but i sure like it. i put the extra length of heating duct to cool the smoke even more so i can keep the temp in the smoker at whatever outdoor temp is.

    i will post some pics later.....

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