First time smoking a brisket

Discussion in 'Meat Selection and Processing' started by jburly, May 25, 2013.

  1. this is my first time smoking a brisket on an electric smoker.  I will smoke it at 225.  How long per pound? What is best rub should it have brown sugar in it.  What is best chips? Hickory  cherry  apple.  Should I use dry smoke or a little water.  I have read where just 50/50 coarse salt and pepper.  Any suggestions for making burnt ends.  This Wolverine would appreciate any help from a Longhorn or Aggie. No Buckeyes need reply[​IMG]
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    I am no expert. I have only done 3 butts. However, I have learned that time per pound is not accurate. I only got a fair result on my first butt and then I found this forum and cooked the butt to an internal temperature of over 200F however long it took and it varied between the next two, one was over 2 hours per pound and the next was almost 3 hours. The ones done to internal temperature were great!

    I'm sure you will get some advice from more experienced members that will give you more valuable information.
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    Good Luck!  Be sure to show and tell how it turns out!

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    I am doing 2 huge flats right now.  Make sure you show the!

  6. Kat

    I have a 7lb flat I figured it would take about 10 hours.  Not even close.  I put it on 4:00am eastern it will be done in about an hour.  I looks pretty and I will take pictures.  I am going to wrap in foil and serve cold on flatbread with vinegar based coleslaw and fresh grilled Michigan aspargus. I smoke at 225f. Next I will probably lower temperature. That masterbuilt smoker does well it was into the 30's last night in Michigan.

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