First time making Sausage!

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by cocoafloridaboy, Jul 8, 2016.

  1. Hello, All! I've always been a sausage lover. Buy every different kind I find in the store and at farmers markets. All of them good but not spicy enough. Just all the same, more or less, but good. Sausage for the masses. The wife has a KitchenAide and the kids bought me the grinder and stuffer a few years ago. Today, I whipped them out. Ground up two pork butts from Sam's. Got 15.5 lbs ground up, out of 16.35lbs bought. That was easy enough. The KitchenAide ground it up real good, large grind. I made a garlic sriracha sausage, using Tone's garlic sriracha seasoning. I wanted something different and I got it. Kept a record of recipe. Against all odds, I kept batch small, 4.4 lbs, or 2 kg of meat and added spices. Fried a patty and added more spices and did another patty. I was happy with that batch and went ahead and stuffed it into some casings, Home Pack Brand, from the local meat market. That is definitely a skill, stuffing the casings, but I figured it out. Overall, a very good experience. Not too hard to do. I can see some improvements to be made. Like adding some more heat and diced up jalapenos. But it was a good first batch and I'm one of those who are very critical of their cooking.


    I'll post the recipe later. I have a friend with an electric smoker. I'm gonna take some to him and let him smoke them lightly. Cook some on the grill later tonight. That oughta be good. I can see some new sausage making equipment in my future! What do you think??? lol Kevin
  2. They look great. Did you put cure in them?
  3. Nope, no cure. Not sure what cure is? Sodium nitrite? Need to look that one up. Kevin
  4. Ok without cure just be sure if your friend smokes some for you that they are smoked at a high enough temp that they reach on IT of 140* within 4 hrs. You probably already know that but others may not. If you like the sausage makeing a stand alone stuffer is a must have. Im makeing a much better end product since i got mine. Be sure to post that recipe im interested.
  5. I hear ya" WW. Appreciate that advice. Actually, I am not aware of all the rules of sausage making, but am learning. I did study up on cures and why they are used, at several websites, including here and one government site. Very interesting. I had no idea about botulism and how dangerous it was. Put my ground pork in the freezer! And yes, I see a stuffer in my future. I could eat sausage every meal of the day. Had some store bought chicken sausage with the grandbabies today! Thanks again, and I'll keep studying, you keep advising, please. Kevin

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