First summer sausage

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by freiesleben, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. freiesleben

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    Hi all,

    I wanted to try something different, so I wanted to give summer sausage a try.

    Mixed all of the ingredients up and had the mix in the fridge for 3 days and mixed twice a day.

    The Kitchenaid with the sausage stuffer fitted.

    Sausages in the casing, pretty firm I would say

    Sausages after being in the smoker for around 2 hours(my smoker ran too hot, unfortunately as I did not want to use the water pan)

    Final product, now I will let it rest in the fridge for at least a day before doing any slicing.
  2. crazymoon

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    F, Your SS looks good !
  3. What internal temp do you go with?

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