First summer sausage

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by atomicsmoke, Feb 6, 2015.

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    It's a variation of Len Poli's German farmer sausage (without caraway and mace).

    I used very little cure (aimed for 40ppm) as I only wanted the colour effect. I did one pair with no cure...just to compare colour and taste.

    Had beef middles for casing.

    Between long hours at the office and almost a foot of snow dump I skipped smoking, but used liquid smoke during poaching.

    Probably went a little too hot at times as I see some veins of fat between the meat and the casing. Also the casing detached in some spots.

    Other than the appearance I am satisfied with the taste, texture. Moist, slices nicely. I will give it another day in the cold room, then freeze some.

    In the last picture one sausage has cure (little)/one doesn't. The one without cure also had more good paprika mixed in.

    Even at 40ppm I can still detect the cured meat taste. Since I am happy with the colour of the no-cure version I will probably make more of that. Unless my family likes the other one more (they haven't tried them yet).

    Rgautheir20420 has mentored me on this first run. Thank you.
  2. They look good atomic. The one of the left got a really nice color from such a small amount of color. I must say I'm a bit surprised. What temp did you poach them at? How long did it take to get out of the 140 range?
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    Thank you rg.
    I aimed for 165 (water temp). But I think my thermo tube shifted after calibration - at the end I put the meat probe in the water and it was 170 (on the digital termo).

    It took 30 min to poach two sausages and little less than an hour for six.
  4. That's more than fast enough to from fridge to done so. Now some sub zero smoking and you'll be good. 
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    Ready for freezer. Casing seems to stick a little better.
  6. Looks Tasty   I'll bet it' good


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