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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by krooz, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. krooz

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    So, with the missus in DC for the week I decided to experiment and do a spatchcocked chicken in my MES 40. I've done them in the oven but wanted to see what the smoker would do with it. No brine, smoked with apple at 240° to 165° breast IT. Took 2 1/2hrs to reach the targeted temp and finished in a 450° oven for a bit to crisp up the skin. Topped the slices with a butter/raspberry/balsamic vinegar sauce that I whipped up for a pork tenderloin that I did last weekend. I also did some ABTs  - experimenting without cream cheese as I found at Thanksgiving that it doesn't agree with some kin. Used sliced pepperjack and mozz for the filling, topped with bacon of course.

    Verdict - the chicken was good, pretty moist both white and dark but I was surprised that the meat didn't have more smoke to it. Bottom line - personally, I like it hot and fast in the oven better than the 2 1/2hr smoked route. The smoke detector serves as a fine kitchen timer that way, lol.

    The peppers were good too but, again, I prefer a cream cheese mixture for a filling. At Thanksgiving I did the cream cheese and filled some with cocktail weenies and others with pineapple chunks - mighty fine.

    Anyway thought I'd share....


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    That's a good lookin chicken. I think I have to agree, I did my first sptchy last week in the MES myself and though it was tasty I couldn't honestly distinguish much smoke flavor, and the skin was rubbery and not great to eat.

    Im not sure if this will turn out at all but I have been thingking of de-skinning a chicken and trying it that way next time, perhaps the smoke can better penetrate the meat... Anyway I may try that, and ill make sure to baste with plenty of butter to keep it moist without the skin.
  3. krooz

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    Thanks, I deboned the leftovers last evening and tasted it cold this morning - it actually tasted a bit more smokey than it did while hot. Betting it'll make a good chicken salad later on.

    Let us know if you try the skinless with butter. I'm not rushing back to smoke another, not for a while anyway.....
  4. Looks great.well done..
  5. bdskelly

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    I missed this one. That chicken looks outstanding!


  6. dirtsailor2003

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  7. krooz

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    Thanks for the points! The chicken salad I made from the leftovers was good, just a hit of smoke added a nice flavor. The naked bird dirtsailor does looks good but I'm not sure how that would work at the max temp of 275° in the MES? Good list of links there too - bookmarked!
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