First smoke (Pork Butt) today. Some Noob questions. (w Qview)

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  1. I purchased a Masterbuilt XL last week, and have done two seasonings/test smokings this week.

    On a high setting, the flame was overwhelming and very yellow, but at the lowest setting, I was able to get a small flame with just a touch of yellow at the tip. It looks like the lowest temp I am able to maintain is about 275.

    Rubbed down the butt last night and am going to throw it on in a few hours. It is a 5.2 pound bone in butt. Considering my cooking temp will be 275 or so, what kind of time should I allow it to cook. Was planning on 1-1.5 hrs a pound at 225, but obviously this should cook quicker. I plan on smoking until it is around 200 for pulling. I am not horribly concerned if I finish early, but how long is too long to rest?

    This forum is a great tool, and I thank everyone for all the great info.

    Wish me luck.
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    First does the cooker have a water pan and did you fill it?  That should help lower the temp some as it helps diffuse the heat.  I am not familiar with your cooker and someone else might have something better for advice here shortly.

    As for to long to rest you can wrap the butt in foil and then wrap it in blankets and put in a cooler and it should easily stay hot for 5 hours or more.  Also I don't really think there is a to long rest other than it starting to lose heat.  So as long as you keep it hot your fine.
  3. Instead of the stock water pan, I did fill a large foil drip pan with water after I got the chunks smoking last night.

    Should I add the water pan from the get go, or does it matter?
  4. Thanks Martin. I will look into the needle valve this week.

    It did seem to help when in addition to setting the burner on low, I also adjusted the vavlve on the actual tank to where it was almost shut.
  5. On my previous seasoning burns, I started hot (around 400) then turned the heat down. I turned on the smoker an hour ago, started low and filled the water pan from the start, and I am now holding steady at about 260-265 with nice TBS. [​IMG]

    It's go time. 
  6. About 4 hrs in, 165 internal on the meat. Smoker has held steady around 270-275.

  7. Turned out absolutely incredible. I did not wrap with foil, and it took 9.5 hrs, despite the higher cooking temp. First, the bark - 


    Broken open - 


    Finished product - 


    This forum has been great, and I thank everyone on here for the wealth of knowledge. No way I would've done this well without SMF.
  8. It looks great!!!!


  9. Nice work!!!  

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