First Pork Butt smoke, rocky start

Discussion in 'Pork' started by brentos260, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. brentos260

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    I picked up charcoal (great deal!) and a bone-in pork butt for an early morning start today.  I have been waiting to smoke a pork butt until I get a Maverick therm w/2 probes.  My ET-733 finally arrived yesterday (came with Bear Paws!) so I was all set - or so I thought...

    I started getting everything going around 4:30AM today.  I pulled my old thermometer probe out of the grommet in my WSM (had to leave it in because it's so fragile from many uses and a cheap price) and just my luck - the whole rubber grommet pulled out of the WSM with it.  Great...  After about 5 minutes I got it back in, pulled the two Maverick probes through and put both on the grate while the smoker came up to temp.  More bad luck - both probes were fluctuating between 7 and 52 (yes, 52!) degrees apart and to add to it neither are correct.  Back to the trash to retrieve the old unit.  Luckily it's still alive.  With the old (and accurate) unit connected I see that one probe of the Maverick is steadily 11 degrees hot, which I can work with.  The other probe is all over the place.  Currently I'm running the old unit monitoring temp at the grate and the steady, but hot Maverick probe monitoring meat temp.  Hopefully all the bad luck is out of the way!!

    I coated the meat in mustard and Bad Byron's Butt Rub, wrapped it in plastic, and threw it in the fridge last night.  I plan to wrap from ~160 through the stall and pull it around 200 degrees, then into a cooler for at least an hour.  Hopefully all goes well.  Here's some pictures of where I'm at so far despite the odds being against me haha

    Approx. 3 hours in:

    Old junk next to new junk:

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  3. brentos260

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    Thank you!  I was wondering why I didn't have any issues with pictures in a previous post.  Looks like I clicked the wrong icon.
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    Sounds like the next go through will be a walk in the park!Any finished product pictures?
  5. brentos260

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    Just over 5 hours in currently.  Been spraying with a mix of apple cider vinegar and bourbon ~every hour-ish.

  6. smokinal

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    Looks great so far!

    Great color!

  7. brentos260

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    Thank you!  The fat cap was thinner towards one end than the other and it kind of shows, but for everything going against me this morning it's working out quite well.  You can't sweat the small stuff, even with bbq!  It stalled around 152 degrees a hour and a half ago so I wrapped it.  I'm really looking forward to tearing it apart later.  I'll post the finished product pictures afterwards.

    My only concern is that I removed the somewhat working probe when wrapping the butt, then re-inserted it just before closing everything up.  This shouldn't matter, but given how faulty this Maverick has been out of the box it's still in the back of my mind.  Luckily for me pork shoulders are pretty forgiving so I'm hoping we won't be ordering pizza for dinner....  

    I also made a batch of @Foamheart's "Different Cole Slaw" using cabbage, and a batch of @SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce to try on some of the PP as well.  I typically work while my wife is a stay at home mom, albeit 3-4 days a month to keep her Radiology tech license up to date.  Today is the first day that my work is closed for Good Friday and she's working so I'm staying home with the kiddos.  What better way to bond than by teaching the fine art of 'Q'! 
  8. brentos260

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    Everything came out very good, especially for my first pork shoulder.  I would like to try my next one without wrapping to compare the two methods.  This was good but seemed like it didn't take on as much smoke as I would've liked.  It was still delicious though!  Pictures below.  Now it's time to sit around and complain about eating too much!

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    It only gets better!

    Nice job! It looks great!
  10. bauchjw

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    Looks like a victory to me! Im not too familiar with WSM, but wraping will cut off smoke particles hitting your meat. If you are going to wrap you may want to do a few handfuls of chips to get a blast of clean white smoke first. Also, if I've put smoke on pork after it was pulled during reheating and its good! Maybe if it isn't smokey enough next time put it back in for some low heat white smoke.

    Points for a great job!
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    This may sound strange, but many times when I smoke something, especially if it's a long smoke & I'm around the smoker a lot. When I taste the meat it never seems very smokey. Everyone else thinks it's great.

    I guarantee you that after a shower & a good nights sleep, that if you taste the PP then you will really taste the smoke.

  12. bauchjw

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    I've never thought about that Al, but you are right!

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