First overnigher - Pork Butt of course w/some q-view

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    Happy Memorial Day everyone!  I wanted to make some pulled pork for a cookout at the in-laws.  They love to eat but go out for nearly every meal so I'm doing my best to get them hooked on the 'Q.  We're eating around noon today so I aimed to get this butt on around 8:00 PM Sunday night as it weighs in at 8.82 lbs.  I figured ~13.5 hours at 225-240°.

    Here's the star of the show at the start:

    Pretty basic rub ingredients, they worked great on my last Butt.  I applied the rub, wrapped in plastic and put in the fridge for a good night's sleep.

    Fired up the WSM around 7PM Sunday so everything was ready to rock n roll at 8PM.  My usual spritz is a 3:1 mixture of the two ingredients below.

    A little refresher on the rub and we're ready to roll smoke.  This went on the WSM at 8:10PM.

    I only grabbed one "action shot" because A.) I didn't want the lid off any longer than needed and B.) Where do you think the rest of that Maker's Mark went??? haha

    I spritzed every hour up until 1AM and kept the smoke  (Apple wood chunks) going pretty strong that entire time.  A little after 1 AM the WSM running running steady at 240° and my glass was empty so I figured it was a good time to retire for the evening.  I figured one more pour of bourbon and I might sleep through any alarms from my Maverick.  I put one last chunk of Apple wood in the smoker, stilled the coals a bit and called it a night.  I set an alarm for 5:30AM to check the temp and likely need to wrap the Butt at that point.

    I woke up around 5:20 to the Maverick letting me know the WSM temp was over the 260° threshold I had set (it was only 261°).  The pork was at 174°.  I wasn't sure if it was going to stall late or if it had already powered through it (this is more likely).  I wrapped in foil after one last heavy spray and put on a pot of coffee.  When the butt hit 197° the WSM was out of fuel.  I debated finishing in the oven but decided to finish in the WSM.  I added a dozen or so lit briquettes and kept going.  

    Target temp of 203° was reached at 9:10AM today (Memorial Day Monday).  I wrapped the butt in towels and into the cooler it went.  I didn't even peak at it, it's killing me now!!

    The plan is to take it out around 11:30 this morning when we get to the in-laws.  I'll pull it there and add some of @SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce.  As with my last (which was my first lol) butt I have made a large batch of @Foamheart's "Different Coleslaw" as I love the flavor and it's perfect on PP sammies.

    I'll take some pictures of the finished product later.  I'm hoping for a more visible smoke ring from this smoke and also to taste the difference between using hickory chunks vs. apple chunks with a pork butt.

    I want to take a moment to thank all past and present servicemen/women in our Armed Forces who fight to protect our great country so that we can enjoy the freedom to be with family and enjoy some wonderful 'Q on this beautiful weekend!

    I welcome any feedback on wood choice for pork butt smokes, I'm really liking apple with ribs now also.  
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  2. Lookin like a solid plan! Can't wait to see the finished product. Apple wood is a very nice mild smoke and good with any pork. Can't go wrong there. Cherry is another good wood for pork, just a touch stronger than apple and adds a sweetness to the meat. At least that's my opinion:) so make sure to post some pics when you pull!

    And of course, like you said....thank you to all the service members who dedicated there time and lives to the greatest country in the world!
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    From your description and pics it looks and sounds like a prefect smoke, I just did the exact same thing night before last and it was awesome.

    When you open up that butt the bone will pull out with your fingers and it will be the most awesome PP you've ever eaten.

    Happy Memorial Day to you my friend!

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    Sounds like everyone has a great meal in store.

    Nice job!

    Can't wait to  see the pulled pics!

  5. brentos260

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    Here's some pulled pics, I apologize if they don't attach as I've never used the mobile site yet.

    The blade pulled right out and the PP was a hit.
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  6. Nice color, looks moist and delicious! Very nice :)
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    did mine exactly as you have. put mine on a 2a.m. this morning. just reached 185. should be ready to take off and rest when it hits 195 in a hour or so...
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    Good to hear, we need pics of the final product!!
  9. nice looking pork shoulder there, was your family hooked?

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    Judging by the little amount I had left AND the large amount (almost all) of the brats and hot dogs left over, I would say yes.  My idea is that I can get them hooked and for their cookouts/holiday get-togethers they request (and provide the money for the meat) to have me smoke it.  It's always nice when someone else funds your hobby, right?  [​IMG]  

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